Throw a party for family and friends. To celebrate, you can anywhere – at home, in a cafe, but don't forget to decorate the room with paper garlands, and other decorations. The table can be decorated with origami figures, paper napkins and flowers.
Each guest should have access to paper and pen and write a wish for the young, then the leaves with the messages stacked up in a specially prepared box or hung on a "tree of happiness" (decorative or real tree in the garden).
Or hang on the wall a large, beautiful newspaper, which would tell your husband and love story, wedding, birth of first child, and where the invited could write their congratulations. In General, all the subjects and competitions of the festival can be linked with different types of paper – how much is enough imagination.
Closer to the evening together with the guests to arrange the launching of sky lanterns, they will become a worthy culmination of the festival. This beautiful event can become an annual tradition, especially in the sale is a lot of similar products with wedding paraphernalia.
On second wedding anniversary gift books, calendars, fashion now scrapbook albums, various cartoons and posters, and money. Make a gift to your spouse and share them in front of the guests by saying the appropriate wishes.
Pre-write with her husband each other letters by hand, they tell us about their feelings to a spouse, describe the qualities that you like best, as well as shortcomings and what they would like to fix, describe you represent the future. These letters attach to gifts or exchange them in a more intimate setting.
At the end of the evening, serve the cake with paper ornaments and flowers. If you mark the second anniversary just the two of us or with the child, arrange the launch of a kite (weather permitting).