The tenth anniversary of the wedding - pink or tin wedding?

Few people know where did it came from the name of the wedding - tin. It is known that the metal of this anniversary is very soft and susceptible to melting at very low temperatures. Therefore, its use for attaching parts to each other. Here and in family life, after ten years together, the couple lapped and firmly "soldered" to each other in marriage. Their relationship reaches a maximum stability this year. To ten line pairs fit as a Mature full-fledged family. And living with each other these ten years, people have truly become family friends. Most often, they even stop to think about the possibility of divorce.

Also, this wedding called pink, so it is logical to assume that the pink color in full must be present on this anniversary. Pink color - a symbol of passion, love and devotion. Men in this day present to his mate rose, saying that with the lips of their beloved women can not compare to any delicate flower. You can also decorate the bed with rose petals and waking up sensual heady aroma, add a drop of rose oil in a warm bath.
No woman can resist this gift.

How to celebrate a wedding and what gift to give?

The French have a saying which reads: "in memory of good taste". It should be remembered, not only during the celebration of the tin wedding and other celebrations. When buying a gift to your spouse important to think about the emotions that will get your spouse and not consider the amount of money spent on it. Gifts can become tin soldiers, and made of the same metal, a dancer with a tutu pink colors, beautiful bed linen, or spoons, made of tin.
Any gift is provided only to strengthen the relationship and add warmth to your family unit.

Also you must take care of the place where will be held the celebration of such anniversary. You can explore the places of your wedding. Visit all city attractions, next to which was a decade ago. For the realization of memories you can re-enjoy the dream honeymoon - a date with face to face in a small restaurant, a night walk through the dark and narrow streets. If the celebration day falls on a holiday, try to see the sunrise with a loved one. Celebrating the anniversary, you will avoid such mundane things as permanent listening to like each other toast, cooking treats all day for the event. To devote this day to better yourself and your second half. And to give the most romantic mood, you can buy rings made of tin and engraved on meaningful word for you.