Main causes:- diseases of inner ear (noise accompanied by dizziness when changing body position (sitecelerate), it is not excluded other symptoms: nausea, vomiting); ear trauma;- osteochondrosis; - increased intracranial pressure.Noise in the ears is the first sign of underlying disease in the body, the reason for going to the doctor and determine the cause of the disease.Very often the banal reason that causes noise in the earsis the presence of cerumen. ENT doctor will remove it in a single session with normal hearing will be restored quickly, the noise stops.More serious problems with hearing are treated not soon, but the sooner you seek qualified help, so you are more likely to return to a normal way of life, and to the irritating noise in the ears.Inflammation of the middle ear begins during the epidemic of SARS and influenza often has an infectious etiology. Self-treatment or incorrect treatment can leave later after recovery to noise. Not molecules properly, you run the risk of a violation of one of the most important senses – hearing. Launched infection difficult to cure, and hearing restoration may not be possible. Noise in the ears may be associated with osteochondrosis, as compression of the vertebrae overlap needs the supply of oxygen to the brain. Dizziness and noise in ears – constant companions of such patients.Depending on the establishment of a cause is assigned treatment with medication (pills, drops directly in the ear), it is possible to massage the cervical and entire spine, physiotherapy.How to prevent the disease:- regular medical preventive examinations;- avoid noise if that is not possible, use protective equipment;- do not listen for extended periods of time to loud music through headphones;- time to relax, to calm down, enjoy the silence is sometimes necessary, because daily street noise is a stress to your hearing, not to mention concerts, discos and so on;- observe the hygiene of the organs of hearing;- sore ears do not resort to self-medication;- wear a hat, if the outside air temperature is below 0 degrees C.