Additional signs of acute otitis media include severe headache, increased body temperature (it can go up to 39оС), significant hearing loss, and a sensation of ear stuffiness.

How to calm a shooting pain in the ear with the help of medication

As a rule, treatment of acute otitis media in adults and children is not much different. But unlike adults, the body is able to cope with the inflammatory process without antibiotics, in the treatment of kids in order to avoid complications prescribe antibiotic therapy.

In addition, when dealing with shooting pain in the ear drops prescribed warming and analgesic drugs: for example, in the ear drip "Drops" or "Levomicetinom alcohol" (dosage and length of treatment is determined individually). But to drip into the ear drops alcohol only if eardrum is damaged, otherwise there is a risk of hearing loss. That is why the medicate is better not to do and if you experience severe pain immediately consult an otolaryngologist who will carefully examine the "firing" of the ear, make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.

Effective folk remedies for the shooting pain in the ears

When dealing with shooting ear pain effective and traditional remedies, but they are used only in agreement with the doctor. So, onion – worthy alternative to antibiotics. Take a small piece of onion, wrap it in a bandage and is placed in the ear (the edge of fabric should stick out, so you can easily remove the "compress"). Procedure is done before bedtime and in the morning bow out. The treatment course lasts 17-20 procedures.

Remarkably relieves pain geranium. Take the leaf of this plant, fold it into a tube and gently insert into the ear hole. Such procedures give three-four times a day, leaf geranium keep 1-1,5 hours. Treatment may last from 2 to 4 weeks.

If ear much shoots, help can be warmed to body temperature vegetable oil, mixed with camphor oil (1 tsp vegetable oil take 2-3 drops of camphor oil). Gauze dipped in oil mixture and make a compress. Keep this lotion for 2-3 hours. The same procedure is recommended to do before bedtime and keep the drug all night. The treatment course usually lasts from 2 to 3 weeks.