Possible causes of hearing loss

Sometimes hearing problems are due to the inflammatory diseases of the ear or a common problem like wax build-up. In these cases, after appropriate treatment, the hearing can recover. Older people's hearing is deteriorating because of age. Unfortunately, in today's world, the noise level often exceeds all acceptable norms. Therefore professionals are increasingly faced with the problem of hearing loss, even in teenagers.

To what expert to address

If you suspect hearing loss, consult an audiologist. If changes in the severity of hearing is irreversible, the doctor will refer you for special tests — audiogram. In the special headphone will be the touch tones alternately to each ear. In the result of audio analysis will identify the degree of damage of the organ of hearing and treatment accordingly. Perhaps the doctor will recommend the use of special devices.

The choice of hearing aid

There are hearing AIDS for one ear or both. To wear the device for one ear means to improve the quality of life of hearing impaired person. Modern science offers quite simple and inexpensive models and high-tech digital devices with multiple functions for different situations. If the doctor recommends a hearing aid, you should contact a specialized center, in order to choose the right model.

The luxury of communication

Often people who have problems with hearing, refuse to wear a hearing aid. This is due to difficulties of adapting to the new device. Those who have overcome a period of adjustment, noted a significant improvement in quality of life. As a result of bad hearing sometimes a person feels physically inadequate and withdraws into himself. And absolutely nothing! The correct device allows to improve relationships at work and in the family, to increase self-confidence.

Protect your ears from the youth

Listening to music with headphones at high volume, so fond of young people, is far from harmless to the ear. Scientists say that young lovers threatened by a deafness that comes from them three decades earlier than their parents. To keep the ear is normal, you should hear the music being played back MRZ-player, in the volume not exceeding 60% and not more than 60 consecutive minutes. If the sounds from the headphones is audible to others, it is very harmful for the eardrums of the one who listens to the music player at high volume. Sounds exceeding 105 decibels, harm to our ears after 15 minutes. For comparison: the noise of the motorway is 85 decibels, a loud conversation is 60, music player — 112.