Advice 1: Why clicks eardrum

The tympanic membrane is the membranous formation on the border between the middle and outer ear. It plays a major role in the transmission of sound pressure, protects the middle ear against ingress of microorganisms and foreign bodies. In some cases, a person can feel that clicking the eardrum.
Why clicks eardrum

Causes of clicking in the ear

Clicks of the tympanic membrane are explained by doctors-otolaryngologists as noise, just sharp. If these phenomena are rare and not very concerned, don't worry about it. Sometimes the cause of the clicking in the ear is spazmirovannah contraction of the muscles that are attached to the auditory tube. They push out the air, which is perceived as a click. The eardrum can click when spasm of the pharynx. Attached to the Eustachian tube muscles of the pharynx tend to decline sharply, so swallowing saliva people hear the rhythmic clicks.

In some cases, these muscles contract spontaneously, if this condition persists, you should contact the otolaryngologist. Pathological changes in the eardrum often are the result of disease, damage and inflammation. If in addition to clicks in the ear starts to buzz, squeak is heard, most likely it is the manifestation of otitis media. To verify this, you can pull down the earlobe, if they feel severe pain, you need to consult a doctor.
The symptom is also pain in the ear, clicking of the tympanic membrane, when eating, walking.

Why clicks in the ears during air travel

Clicking in the ears are observed by the people, who travel. The reason for this are sudden changes in pressure. At altitude the air pressure is less. During the ascent and descent of an aircraft in the ears begins to lay, and then in my ears I can hear a click, then a person regains hearing. The cause of this condition is the difference in air pressure on both sides of the eardrum, it can vibrate properly.
For the temporary laying the ears during the flight yawn, take a gulp or chew the cud. These measures will help to equalize pressure in the ears.

As a result of the ascent and descent of airplane ears "get" very sharp and rapid pressure drop. When the air pressure decreases, the air trapped in the middle ear is released. Part of it may go into the Eustachian tube canal that connects the throat with the tympanic cavity. The result eardrum clicks.

By reducing the plane pressure increases, the air in the middle ear shrinks sharply, and then returns to the place people will hear clicks in my ears. If the air will not get into the ear, it can be filled with liquid (e.g., nasal discharge). As a result, a person's ears pop. This condition can last from several hours to several days. If it drags on, the ear drum can get damaged. So the doctors can prevent a person to fly if he has all the time stuffy nose.

Advice 2: How to repair the eardrum

Inflammation in the middle ear, acoustic or noise trauma, foreign bodies can cause damage to the eardrum. Sharp pain, purulent or clear discharge from ear due to otitis media, blood, trauma, foreign body – a sign of perforation of the tympanic membrane. Although the mortal danger of this injury is, but complications can lead to reduced, and even hearing loss.
How to repair the eardrum
You will need
  • alcohol propolis tincture, almond oil;
  • alcohol calendula tincture, peppermint oil;
  • - aloe, Kalanchoe;
  • surgery tympanoplasty, myringoplasty.
The appearance of purulent discharge from the ear, sharp shooting pains in it, hearing loss requires immediate treatment to the specialist audiologist who examines the ear canal and prescribe the necessary treatment with antibiotics and physiotherapy.
Not excluding medication use are also recipes of traditional medicine. Take the pharmacy tincture of propolis and sweet almond oil, mix equal amount of both. Cotton turundas soaked in a heated part, insert the night in the ear canal for 10-14 days. This will help to cope with inflammatory infectious process, and accelerate the healing of damaged membranes.
Helps alcohol tincture of calendula. You can purchase a pharmaceutical preparation or make your own. Pour a tablespoon of chopped calendula flowers 100 ml of rubbing alcohol 90%. Insist in a warm place for 4-5 days, shaking daily infusion. Mix equal quantity of the prepared infusion pharmacy calendula and peppermint oil. Insert into ear canal with a cotton turundy soaked in the composition prepared for the night. The course is 14-21 days.
Traumatized by a foreign body in the ear can be treated with aloe juice, which helps to regenerate damaged tissues. Type in a pre-heated hot water pipette aloe leaf juice and Kalanchoe in equal proportions. Dropping into the ear 3-4 drops of the mixture, close the ear canal with a piece of warm wool. Procedure complete before bedtime for 2 weeks.
If within a few weeks of drug treatment nastupaet not improve, surgery is recommended, restoring the integrity of the tympanic membrane – tympanoplasty or myringoplasty. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, using a special microscope, which is introduced into the ear canal. The hole inside is closed by a flap of skin cut on the ear. Placed on top a biodegradable material that hold the flap in position, until it takes hold.
To prevent damage to the membrane can not be let to chance or to self-medicate inflammatory diseases of the middle ear.

Not recommended for cleaning ears sharp objects that are often hurt the eardrum.

During the flight the airplane is recommended to use ear protection or chew gum or suck candy.
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