You will need
  • Hydrogen peroxide
The human ear is a delicate structure. In the formation in the ears of cerumen a feeling of discomfort: deteriorating hearing, increased intracranial pressure. The ideal way, of course, to go to the doctor. But there are situations when this solution is not available for one reason or another: the clinic is far away, not reception day or time.
Punching tubes in the ears without medical intervention. Take ordinary hydrogen peroxide. If it is in a bottle without a dispenser, you pour some of the liquid in the bottle from under the ear or eye drops. Packaging such drops, as a rule, provided with a device for dosing.
Arrange on the bed or couch so that it was convenient to put his head to the side. The ear should be funnel up, then when infusion fluid, nothing will leak out.
Carefully pour the hydrogen peroxide into the ear. The amount of liquid should be such that it fills only the ear hole. This will be heard hissing from the interaction of peroxide and sulfur. Can be put in the ear cotton wool, liberally soaked with hydrogen peroxide. Keep this position for as long as will go active process of interaction between the sulfur and hydrogen peroxide. As soon as you stop or decrease the hiss in the ear, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth or cotton wool and repeat the process again. Repeat these steps until a clear sound experience.
These simple actions will help to break the tubes in the ears. If the tube is small, enough two or three techniques. If the tube is big, be patient - the process takes quite a long time, up to several hours. In the treatment this method can take a break, and continued it several hours later. If you have a large tube is preferred.
It is possible to carry out preventive rinsing with hydrogen peroxide every six months, this will help to avoid the need to penetrate the waxy build-up when they already prevent the perception of sounds and lead to discomfort.