If you threw favorite young man, it is not necessary to withdraw into themselves and stay alone with their feelings. Surround yourself with people who care about you, share with them their grief and their thoughts. Now you need to tell someone and to feel someone's support and empathy. Go out with your buddies, flirt with other men. You should feel attractive and desirable.
Find something that can distract you from negative emotions and thoughts. Learn how to crochet, cross stitching, start to write a book, learn the basics of cooking, adjust the wardrobe, samosovershenstvovaniya, learn foreign languages, sign up for dance courses, please visit the beauty salon, immerse yourself in work, which not only distract you but will also bring financial benefits. All your free time should be occupied. Sports are great to throw out negative emotions, anger and rage. Fight stress by any means.
Free your house from all things that remind you of a former lover. Throw away the gifts that he gave you, delete all photos, delete the message. Anything in your apartment should not talk about his past presence in it. Avoid visiting places that you visited together, otherwise the memories will disturb your soul. And go somewhere where you can bump into your ex, do not need too. Any meeting can cause you pain and cause a storm of negative emotions.
Not ugostite depressed listening to sad lyrical music, watching romantic movies. Your mood, which was already badly damaged, should not deteriorate even more. Prefer dance and music to Comedy, maybe even action movies or horrors.
Search for your breakup positive aspects. If you've not had time to communicate with friends, now you're free as the wind. You can fully dedicate himself to his hobby. Now before you there are no restrictions and boundaries, you have the right to do whatever you wish.
In any case, do not try to take revenge on the guy who hurt you. Just release it from your life and wish him happiness. From revenge you just will not be easier, but the negative emotions will wash over you with new strength. In addition, you may have to expect a retaliatory meanness.