Advice 1: How to get the guy back

If you left the guy, don't worry because it may wish to restore the relationship. This behavior is typical for young people, especially if you've met in a long time. And your task – to help him realize his mistake. For this you need to behave properly and in any case not to make quarrels and scandals.
How to get the guy back
Do not rush to throw his messages and offers to start all over again. Take some time, so the guy realized that he was without you strange and bad. Immediately after the breakup will stop communication with him for a while. You don't have to meet him and to call at least a couple of weeks.
Use this time to change yourself for the better. For example, do sports, yoga or fitness, to make your figure look more attractive. Change the style in clothes, so he could see you in a new way. Your goal is to surprise him at our next meeting.
But the changes must touch not only your appearance. Try to change your character. For sure, that boy didn't like in your behavior or actions. Use this temporary respite to become perfect. Of course, it is not necessary to go to radical steps for the sake of it and correct in yourself what you like the most. In any situation you need to be first and foremost a person and not to be someone's shadow.
After 2-4 weeks you should meet with your ex. Meeting the best thing to do is unplanned. For example, to visit the places where he is most. But we should not constantly spin in place, he may guess about your goal. And then the meeting is unlikely to take place successfully.
The meeting should be a surprise
During the meeting does not clarify the relationship, do not quarrel with him. Chat about nothing, ask him how he was doing. It is not necessary to think about your previous feelings. The purpose of the meeting was to remind myself and show how much you have changed. After a few days, such an "unexpected" meeting should be repeated. And her to talk about the already scheduled date.
The next meeting does not necessarily have to be romantic. If the guy himself didn't offer you to meet, then come up with a reason why he needs to see you again. For example, you can ask to go with you shopping. But it is only in the case that this pastime like a young man. You can ask to fix something in the house or to help deal with the computer. Ask, even if you have everything in order, and in the computer you know better than him. Break the lock, hook, lift the flooring, but create the perfect situation for your meeting.
The next date we can begin to remember the past. Of course, emphasis should be laid on the pleasant moments. Just do not cry and do not quarrel with him, so you will never resume a relationship. Be gentle and docile, the faster you will win man. Do not show your sadness, he must not understand that you need too much. If the meeting is held at your home, don't forget to buy the young man something delicious, preferably cooked by your caring hands.
These scheduled meetings should be as much as possible. As well as cute, lots of fun. Just affection and attention you will be able to return the old relationship.
Do not call in ex-boyfriend jealous. It can help to restore the relationship only in very rare cases.
Useful advice
Don't be too annoying, this will only ruin the relationship.

Advice 2: How to make a guy offered to meet

It so happens that the guy and girl friends, from school or work. She has long had his tender feelings, and sees in his eyes a reciprocal sympathy. But this girl doesn't know how to do it so he asked her to meet me.
How to make a guy offered to meet

How to push a guy towards a relationship

If the guy makes the first step, the girl seems that she can't change the situation. It's tradition to take steps to rapprochement men. Best of all, if he didn't just take the initiative in their hands, but will be hard to get the attention of his lady. All this is absolutely correct, but a smart girl can carefully and gently push it along the way. But it may happen that he did not understand that happiness was just around the corner.

So the guy offered to meetthe girl to make with her, he felt much better than without it. Young people need to understand that it's worth it to appear next, as it begins to experience positive emotions. Then the guy finally decides to offer her a serious relationship. Of course, in order to achieve the desired result, the girl will have to make some effort.

Work on yourself

First, you need to work on their appearance. After all, no matter how treated it girls, men first of all pay attention to the face and body but mind and soul notice then. So on the way to achieving the goal, you may need to look into a gym, hairdresser and beauty salon.

It is very important to know the interests, tastes and Hobbies of the young man, then it will be much easier to find common topics of conversation. At the same time, learn which books, movies or music group, he prefers to get to know them as best you can to communicate was completely organic and the guy genuinely believed that he was able to meet so a person like him.

Men no less than women need compliments and rave opinions, but this should be done subtly enough. Not is loudly cheering the appearance of a young man. Better from time to time to ask him for advice, laugh at his jokes, be interested in his opinion on various issues.

In no case do not need to be Intrusive. Too much positive emotions, too, can get bored. Simple and trouble – free reception for a while disappear from his field of view, so the guy started to get bored and try to find it has already won sympathy for the girl. Then you suddenly appear and as if nothing had happened to continue the dialogue. If the guy had truly interested, he will not want the girl vanished from his life, and going to propose to her.
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