Put yourself point in your relationship. For this we need to talk peace with the initiator of the breakup and to Express what you have inside. This conversation will create a psychological sense of completed action and make it easier for you to accept the separation. In those cases when it is impossible or ex-boyfriend doesn't want to chat, send him a letter or record a voice message.
Often resentment on the thrown of the beloved causes suffering more than the sense of loss. In this case, psychologists advise to hold a symbolic act of farewell. To do this, come up with some kind of ritual and will make it. For example, find a large rock and imagine that it symbolizes your failed relationship. Take it to the river and throw it, mentally imagining that with him and throw away all your negative emotions. Good effect and has the act of destruction of photographs and gifts former partner. However, this must be the last option. Indeed, after many years, you may want to remember all the good things that happened.
The best way to deal with a breakup is to start a new relationship. They do not necessarily have immediately become friends. Make friends with a nice man and communicate with him. Just try not to completely dissolve this relationship and start living life a new partner, becoming his shadow. This is guaranteed to lead to where you started parting. Don't sacrifice their time and career for a relationship - appreciate yourself.
Unfortunately, all people tend to repeat their mistakes due to the fact that once and for all acquired a certain pattern of communication. Most often, this occurs unconsciously in childhood. But as an adult and having failed in a love relationship, you should think and analyze their behavior. What you don't than scare partner? This can help you childhood memories about the relationship between parents. Change your style of communication and do not commit the old mistakes.
And the last one. To fully accept a breakup, it takes time. Your body, brain needs to reorganize and get rid of emotional and physical dependence. Even if you quit Smoking, it takes some time. And you have the situation much more complicated. The main thing – do not allow yourself to lose heart and motivate yourself positively. Thoughts often come true. Draw yourself mentally of the person with whom you will be happy and this man will soon appear on your horizon.