Depression will not help to return your loved one will not cause him a feeling of pity or guilt and does not relieve from suffering. This condition will only bring you more pain, will create fertile ground for the heaps of diseases, and in severe cases even lead you to a psychiatric hospital. So start to deal with his condition as soon as possible.
In the early days give yourself permission to cry, to feel sorry for yourself and remember that person in the presence of relatives or friends. If the thought of parting is unbearable, do any physical or mental work (scrubbing floors, washing clothes by hands, repair, writing term papers, oil painting, knitting).
Continue to go to school, work, do everyday activities and thus not reduce its efficiency. Walk more, keep a clear mode in the diet and daily routine, in the morning, eat in moderation foods that enhance the mood (chocolate, bananas, figs, peaches, strawberries).
A week later, "self-pity" and negative emotions get rid of all reminders of the past and painful. Change the interior, or add a couple of bright spots (curtains, pillows, paintings, Ottomans, decorative trinkets, flowers). Also change the image, ranging from haircuts to shoes.
Liven up your life: sign up for dance classes, practice yoga, sports, swimming, go to a 10-day hike, lose weight, buy a ticket abroad, will change work. In General, do something that's never been enough time.
Allow yourself to become a happy person again: start again smile and enjoy life, watch young children and you look at many things differently. The main thing - not to withdraw into themselves, not to alienate the help of friends and relatives and do not be silent about their feelings and pain.
Please note that self-effort can overcome a slight depression, in the case of protracted self-flagellation and the emergence of suicidal thoughts, feelings of guilt, etc. need to seek the assistance of therapists who choose therapies (games, team sessions, exercises, art-techniques, anger management), medication.