Destroy the eyes of the boy all his gifts, and memorabilia that testify to a happy time that you spent together. Let your ex-boyfriend will realize that you can easily leave with everything that reminds you of your novel.
Tell us about new contenders for your heart. Devote your ex young man into all the details of courtship and tokens of your male acquaintances. Make a guy jealous and regret the treasure that he had lost.
Mention that your fans are in some way superior to the former partner. Tell us what they are wealthy, successful. Show photos of the car, which is owned by your new boyfriend, describe the attractive appearance of the other contender for your heart, praise the talents of the third.
Make a hint that you were not very good in bed with former boyfriend. Even if he will understand what you are saying it out of spite, the worm of doubt will sharpen his ego. The issue of male viability is one of the patients for the boys, and in normal your ex-partner will come back soon.
Show your indifference. Do not show resentment and tears, do not ask to return everything and do not be jealous of the young man with whom you break up. He believes that it was in your heart significant. Make a guy think that your gap is not playing in your life an important role.
Show interest in friends her ex boyfriend. Have an affair with one of the best friends of your former partner – means to cause the past pain and suffering. He oversees the development of your novel and suffering.
Tell your ex-boyfriend that was not faithful to him. Let him think you do not cherish your relationship from the very beginning that you did not miss the opportunity to flirt on the side and did not relate to your novel too seriously.
Throw your ex in the face that she never loved him. Do it on a hysterical note, but calmly, looking straight into his eyes. Then he would believe in your sincerity. Tell me what is bigger and look forward to your breakup.
Tell the young man that he never liked your parents and friends. He thinks gives people not the best impression and worthy of loneliness.
Think again why you want to hurt the person with whom you have a common past. Certainly there were some pleasant moments. Thanking the young man for what happened. Try to part in a civilized manner, without insults, scandals, damage to self-esteem guy and humiliation of his dignity. Go on your road and be happy with another man.