A nervous TIC, usually not hazardous to health, but it brings some discomfort to human life. This is a very unpleasant process, sometimes even painful.What happens to the muscles of the eyelids? What makes them twitch? Very simply, the muscles around the eyes involuntarily begin to decline as a result of a busy lifestyle.Often twitching upper eyelidthan the lower one. If the TEC continues for a long time, the muscles tense and tired century that is a nasty pain. It can also happen that can simultaneously jerk two eyes at once that it carries a double pain. To begin to get rid of a nervous TIC, you need to understand the cause of stress and eliminate it. Also a person needs immediate rest. Best of all, of course, to take a vacation for a couple of weeks and how to relax, increase the duration of sleep for a few hours and to give their health adequate attention. You can also start to take a light sedative, such as Valerian extract or motherwort extract, well helps decoction of chamomile. It is necessary to limit the consumption of coffee. Great importance for the nervous system is magnesium, most often in the body it is not enough. To enrich your body with magnesium, make the food and diet the following foods: peas, fish, bananas, chocolate. If a nervous TIC for a long time does not pass, then you should consult with a neurologist. The doctor will determine the true cause of a nervous tick, because in some cases to provoke an involuntary muscle contraction eye can trauma to the head, concussion of brain, migrated in childhood meningitis, allergies.