Sometimes you accidentally find yourself thinking about your eyes in a very unusual way begins to tremble? Sometimes these symptoms pass quickly, but sometimes delayed for a long time, ucaas and returning again and again. Attempts in any manner to stop the movement of the upper or lower eyelid, usually do not give a positive result, the process is sometimes pronounced visual effect and delivers it to the bearer of the obvious discomfort.


In accordance with national signs like "trepetak" heralds enrichment for native shiver in his right eye and the inevitable woes and tears for those who felt a sudden jerking of the century left eye.

However, similar processes from the scientific point of view, are explained by a malfunction of the nervous system, which controls the movement and contraction of muscles of the human body. Prolonged symptoms eye twitch force of patients with similar complaints seek specialist advice in this area, because shaking can cause facial spasms or blurred vision patient.
Often the twitching eye may be an external manifestation of lingering on for a long time, nervous stress and psychological tension.

Objective reasons for shivering eyes

The causes of tremor of the eye – no matter left or right – can become inflammatory processes in the ears, various tumors, encephalitis, predinfarktnogo state.

Improper diet and sleep, sedentary lifestyle, constant physical and emotional overload, which are an integral part of modern life, result in such unpleasant symptoms, which sometimes deliver uncomfortable with his carrier and not so harmless as it may seem at first.

Sometimes eye starts to twitch due to mere overstrain of eye muscles after long and hard work, however, sometimes this symptom is a consequence of blepharospasm or inflammation occurring in the muscle tissues surrounding the eyeball.
Cause shrink age are capable of injury or contusions to the head, a ported concussion.

People suffering from migraines and recurrent headaches are the main candidates for getting into the risk of the occurrence of tremor of the upper or lower eyelid, symptom that requires a thorough examination from a specialist neurologist or ophthalmologist, is able to make the correct diagnosis.