When eyes starts to twitch – it's quite unpleasant. And he twitches randomly and often not at the right time. In addition to purely cosmetic defect, it still gives unpleasant feeling, which they want to get rid of.

The causes of twitching eyes

Experts say that the most common cause of this nervous TIC is a nervous overstrain. And it does not matter when an event occurred which so excited people – an hour ago or it's been two days.
History knows cases, when twitching of the muscles of the eyes began a few years after a strong emotional event that literally shocked people.

In addition, the list of reasons:
- chronic lack of sleep;
- mental fatigue;
fatigue resulting from long flights or journeys;
too stressful rhythm of work;
- infectious diseases and injuries affecting the brain;
- weakness after childbirth or operations.

If you had a nervous TIC, this means that you need to take a break and relax a bit. Better if you add in your daily diet intake of sedatives. They will help to calm the nervous system and make the process of getting rid of a tick faster. Remember that if you let the situation slide, this can cause the twitching becomes chronic. As a result of disrupted the whole life of man, because the eye always twitches. And it often leads to alienation of man from society and the fact that he is completely alone.

What you need to do to get rid of a nervous TIC

First and foremost consult your doctors neurologist and the optometrist. They will prescribe you sedatives and vitamin complexes that help boost immunity and relieve fatigue.

Also, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day – try to rearrange your schedule to sleep at least 8 hours. Also try to include in your daily routine of walks in the fresh air. It is advisable to walk at least 1.5-2 hours a day. Naturally, should you connect and sports. Swimming, gymnastics in the morning, aerobics, Jogging, etc. – all this will help to strengthen the body and nervous system.

Take a deep breath. First, it will saturate the lungs and oxygen to the body. Second, it will help you in difficult situations where you are literally ready to explode, calm down and tune in a rational way.
From the same series: in the nervous situation, when it literally wants to explode, you need to count to 10.

Psychologists advise to find the album with soothing melodies and nature sounds. This will give you the opportunity to meditate and calm my nervous system.

If you do a lot and often work at the computer, not be amiss to do exercises for the eyes. To perform simple exercises are recommended once an hour. Tightly close your eyes, take a deep breath, then exhale and release the eyelids. Repeat 5 times. You can alternate this exercise with a simple action: close eyes and sit there for a few minutes.

To get rid of a tick, start taking vitamins. Usually, the muscle twitching indicates a deficiency of magnesium and vitamin B. Add to your diet more fruits and dried fruits which contain these vitamins in excess. Also helpful would be nuts, chocolate and beans.