Contact your neurologist. This is necessary if you have a very frequently occurs a nervous TIC. In case you are often concerned about the eye twitching, can do preventive methods.

It is advisable to start to establish the reason for stress, then you need to remove it. If the cause is a nervous character, when relief from a stressful situation, as a rule, the eye stops twitching and it's all quite painless passes. To accelerate the process of extinction of nervous TIC, you need plenty of rest to reduce the eye strain that appears during prolonged work at the computer. You should also increase the time of sleep everyday for two hours.

If you feel a strong nervous tension, sedative drink a decoction of chamomile. Drink less coffee.

Take the night by forty drops of tincture of peony, pre-diluted in 50 grams of water. This tool is very effective - your eyelid will stop twitching already after 2 days. However, it is not necessary to interrupt the course of treatment. Drink the infusion during the month.

In order to enhance the effects of the above drug, can take motherwort tincture or Valerian in the daytime.

Make sure that your body receives enough magnesium that controls the normal activity of the nervous system. In turn, the magnesium contained in certain foods: fish, watermelon, peas, bananas, beans, cocoa and rye bread.

Try to get plenty of rest and spending time outdoors. Protect yourself from irritants. Enjoy a pleasant pastime: dancing, yoga, swimming etc., that will give you pleasure and what you will be able to calm down. Can go somewhere where you can be alone. This will give you the opportunity to recover their nerves in order.