What is involuntary muscle contraction and causes

According to statistics, about 10% of children in varying degrees, suffer from ticks. The frequency may increase in the puberty of man, and with age gradually decrease. Involuntary contraction of muscles can also appear in adults, but their duration while in rare cases it lasts for more than one year.

The ticks represent the final stage of a complex process which occurs in the human body. Significant role inheritance together with genes increased neuromuscular excitability, as well as sharpening movements on my father's side, called impulsiveness (which the child displays tics).

An important factor causing spontaneous contraction of the muscles is increased irritability and internal tension that are accrued gradually, and not finding timely access to the outside. Sources of such internal stress factors are current devastating to the brain (inflammation, asphyxia during birth, any concussions or injuries), as well as neuroses and neurosis.

Arbitrary contraction of the muscles implies a conscious movement aimed at certain actions, attainia hyperkinesis (involuntary muscle contractions) that occur on the basis of minimal brain dysfunction, differ in duration, almost does not depend on external or any psychological factors.

Tics that occur as a consequence of neuropathy, not sustainable and depend on climatic or weather conditions (heat, changes in barometric pressure or lack of air). They can significantly be aggravated by sudden loud sounds, bright light, flashing before my eyes (while watching TV). When exhaustion tics may increase, which indicates a weakening of the immune system, which is caused by frequently occurring somatic diseases.

Involuntary muscle contraction that appears in the background of neuroses caused by psychological factors, namely increased anxiety. This condition provokes fear, excitement, anticipation of something, conflicts and internal contradictions. By and large, Tiki is a pathological form of psychomotor discharge.

Treatment of involuntary muscle contractions

Due to the fact that tics represent a difficult phenomenon to deal with them, it is difficult (and in some cases almost impossible). When involuntary contraction of muscles caused by any organic disorders or neuropathy, apply medication, and restorative treatment. Sometimes it is enough to establish a sleep and rest and the problem recedes. Tiki, appearing as a result of nervousness, take place after the complete cure of neurosis method of psychotherapy.

In the presence of involuntary muscle contractions necessary to completely limit your intake of sweets, provoking a strengthening of ticks. For treatment using drugs "Pimozide" or "Haloperidol" that accept only after consulting a qualified specialist.