The description of the disease

Tremor of the head may be benign or pathological. The most common form of tremor that is benign in this case the disease is overpowered at rest or, on the contrary – during times of stress and over-activity. Pathological tremor is much less predictable and requires special attention in the treatment.

Causes of tremor of the head may be quite different. This genetic predisposition, and improper use of drugs, drug and alcohol dependence.

Benign tremor, in turn, is often just a symptom of some diseases such as kidney disease, liver and disorders of the respiratory system, also causes benign essential tremor can be multiple sclerosis and other brain diseases.

Various symptoms of tremor of the head allows to distinguish three main types of this disease. The first of these is essential tremor, which is a benign kind of tremor and manifests as rhythmic movements of the head left-right or up-down.

Patients with essential tremor complain that the seizures are attacking them during various stress situations and intense moments of life. Causes of this type of tremor is most often a hereditary problem.

Another type of head tremor is Parkinsonian tremor. As you might guess from its name, it affects people suffering from Parkinson's disease which modern medical methods to cure is not obtained. Seizures Parkinsonian tremor beset at rest, but is completely stopped during periods of sleep.

In case of poisoning by a large dose of alcohol, narcotics and some medications may be a manifestation of the so-called physiological tremor. In some cases, causes symptoms of tremor can be exhaustion, physical exhaustion and stress.

Treatment of tremor of the head

Tremor of the head is very difficult to treat. In its minor manifestations are assigned a sedative, but if the tremor is a symptom of a serious illness or not is on the wane, it is treated with drugs such as "Primidon" and "Propranolol". In combination with these drugs helps to cope with the tremor of the head and vitamin B6.

Used for the treatment of tremor and non-traditional methods. So, instead of sedation, some patients prefer the infusions of Valerian, hawthorn or motherwort. Good results in the suppression of the tremor show and yoga classes, and in some cases, the key to success is the assistance of a psychologist, as often the tremor becomes a symptom of psychological problems.