Can be purchased as brand new and used motorcycle. If funds allow - it is better to prefer the first option. Buying a motorcycle with it, move it to the station for inspection and only then make a decision. By entering into a transaction, execute documents at the notary, then you will not have further problems.
It is not necessary to hurry. Especially carefully it is necessary to choose your first motorcycle. Beginners often just don't know which model will suit them. Be sure to consider your weight, height and gender.
Determine for what purpose you wish to buy a motorcycle. For travel on asphalt better fit one model, but for long-distance travel – is completely different. The diversity of motorcycle models can be divided into five classes. Is: Enduro, chopper, classic, cruiser and sport. They differ in design and purpose.
The class includes Enduro dirtbikes. They are ideal for off road trips. Even externally, they differ from other motorcycles at wing and tread rubber. Wing motorcycles Enduro is a long distance from the wheel.
If you plan to travel outside the city and only on very good roads, you can buy motosol class sport. They are suitable to all fans of racing. This class of motorcycle is the most dangerous when driving in the city. Dealing with a very powerful engine and really high speed that can develop a motorcycle.
If you've never ridden a motorcycle, you should not start with the sport models. Better pick another class and gain experience of driving, and then later buy a sports bike.
The third class of motorcycles – choppers. This is an expensive machine, these "limousines" motorworld. A typical representative of the choppers - Harley Davidson. Such motocicli great for long trips. They are distinguished by the convenience of landing.
Cruisers are very similar to choppers but have some differences in design. The engine of such motorcycle is quiet. Its capacity is large, so the cruiser quickly accelerates on the track. If you love to travel, this bike is the perfect option.
You can buy classic motorcycle. The design is close to the choppers, but it has more manoeuvrability. This technique is recommended to buy indeed. By learning, you will be able to change to a sport bike or a chopper.
If you plan to do dirt riding, buy the Enduro because it's more like a motocross bike controls and the planting.
Having defined the class of the motorcycle, hit the motorcycle. Determine in advance how much you can spend. You can make the purchase on credit. Be sure to verify the interest rate and select the loan period. Finding the right model, be sure to sit on the bike. You should be comfortable.
Pay attention to the power of the engine and also to your height and weight. Fat people should choose the model with the engine 400 CC and see If you have the average height and weight over 50 kg, it is recommended to take a motorcycle with an engine capacity of 250 CC.