As a rule, about which technique is better to buy, think about beginners or Amateurs. For the professional this question is not: he knows exactly what is right for him. On the modern market, so a large number of proposals that the choice of the best model of a moped becomes difficult. So the first thing to do is to narrow your search depending on the amount decided to spend on this technique. The main task – to buy a transport practical and as safe as possible.

What scooter are considered the most reliable?

Traditional models of the Japanese manufacturers, in particular, the company "Honda". In second place for reliability and comfort drive Italian technology. Any moped manufactured in these countries is characterized by high build quality and excellent speed characteristics. In addition, they all have a modern look. Minus the choice of this technique is only one: its price.

If cost is not an issue, is to listen to the advice of professionals and to draw attention to a number of models of Honda. The probability of defects in these vehicles is practically impossible. Even used mopeds to flawlessly serve its owner for many years and decades. The latest models of this manufacturer are equipped with high quality electronics that increases the security of operation of this technology.

What to buy from cheap mopeds?

Here the choice is great, but almost completely monotonous, because regardless of the title of vehicle any of them will be Chinese Assembly. The quality is not always disappointing, but it is rather the exception than the rule. However, this technique can withstand heavy loads and faithfully serve for many years. The only thing it will require considerably more attention than similar Japanese build, and to repair it more often. However, for a caring owner this is not a problem.

In China, producing three brands worthy of attention: "alpha", "Delta" and "Orion". You can safely buy any of them: each model have proven their endurance and durability. Among the cheap mopeds, this technique is considered the highest quality. It has a small fuel consumption, and its speed characteristics will not only be a newbie, but quite experienced lover. If you decide to buy a used moped from any of these brands, it is recommended that before purchasing a good to inspect equipment and test it in action. After that, you can understand it is declared by the owner of the sums or not.