You will need
  • paper and pen or personal computer and printer.
If you plan to find a new job, then you need to know how to write a letter to petition for admission to the position you are interested in. In the employment market, a competition, a letter petition also much like a resume. Treat its development seriously. Properly drafted petition allows the employer to first pay attention to your resume, and you will be in the forefront of applicants for this job. A properly drafted petition for admission to work will be your guide in obtaining the best work. Start writing letters, following the proposed plan.
First write a word of welcome. Without familiarity, clearly addressing him by name and patronymic and surname. The petition letter, having no particular destination, is likely to remain unread.
Specify a reason for writing. In this paragraph try to clearly explain your interest as an applicant to this vacancy. And specify a few reasons that explain your interest in this company.
Clearly specify that you can offer the employer, provide that your skills and experience meet the requirements for this position, please describe with more profitable side of the personal and professional qualities. Try to write clearly and convincingly, that the employer could believe that you are the only suitable candidate.
At the conclusion of the letter, ask to set up a time for a personal meeting. Express your gratitude to the employer for taking the time to read your application. It is advisable if you Express hope for a positive solution to your question. Please specify your contact information: email address, phone numbers. Remember, this letter is your business card, so pay close attention to style, grammar and spelling. After writing the letter, check carefully for spelling errors or misprints.