You will need
  • A clean white sheet of A4 paper, ball pen with blue ink.
First of all, you need to make so-called "cap" treatment, in the upper right corner of neat handwriting to write, to whom the petitionwho is asked. Here in the header under their name, it is desirable to specify, what address is home to the addressed citizen telephone number, for example:the head of MO "Kondinskiy district" S. P. Ivanovoreggovern S. I. Perevarivaya at the address:str. Lenina 24-11тел: 8 *** ***
Departing three lines below the "cap" treatment, in the middle of the sheet write "Request", recede one line and a new paragraph go directly to the text. In the beginning you need to describe the reason for its appeal to the leadership of the municipality, for example: "I Appeal to You in connection with the difficult life situation. ..." Next, you must specify fully the grounds for the appeal. Strict rules of writing the text of the petition is not, therefore, the main condition - to prevent spelling mistakes, and describe your problem clearly and consistently. reflecting the main essence of the treatment.
After the main content of the letter follows the conclusion: "based On the foregoing, please ..." - in which we write a specific request. Or you can still write in the formulaic form: "based On the foregoing I request You to take appropriate measures."
Below put a date and signature. When writing a collective petition all the signatures are put below each other. It is desirable to decrypt the signature next to her legible handwriting to write the name and initials of applicant.