The complete mail header. In the upper right corner to specify the exact position, a rank, a class (or category), state structure or authority in the state which is the addressee, his name and initials. For example: "the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of ... region 6 of the convening of Ivanov I. I.", "the Deputy Prosecutor (name) region (name) region, state counselor of justice of grade 1 Petrov p. P.". Below in the header of the letter to write the address where is located the place of work of this official.
In the middle of the sheet in contact in a respectful manner to the addressee, writing full name and patronymic. Treatment can be separated by a comma or an exclamation point to finish. For Example: "Dear Peter!".
In the first paragraph of the letter state the request to the addressee, and also make reference to the law, rules, regulations, etc. for Example: "Please consider...", "Please check ... in accordance with article 9 of part one of the Rules...".
Arguments in favor of your request. Clearly and consistently present all the arguments based on the text of the law (rules, regulations, etc.). Highlight inconsistencies and contradictions in the actions of a person or any organization. Draw conclusions at the end of your argument. It is important to remember that the text must be official business, and specifically to Express your thoughts. Can use these words and phrases: "in part 3 of the tenth article...", "the Rules do not provide...", "the Code is missing...", "nevertheless", "moreover", "clear", "given legal significance..." etc.
At the end of the letter Express a request to announce the results of the action taken, actions on this issue. Enter your phone number, email or postal address.
Date, signature and its transcript.