You will need
  • - medical card, insurance policy and other documents;
  • diaper;
  • - swipe;
  • water;
  • - money.
To prepare for ultrasound in pregnancy, first collect all that may be required for this procedure. First fold in the bag required documents: medical insurance, medical card pregnant with results of previous studies, and also the passport. Find a clean diaper on which you will lie during the procedure. Grab napkins, they can MOP up the remnants of the gel, which lubricates the specialist area of survey for the best sliding of the sensor.
Preparation for ultrasound during pregnancy depends on the specific clinic or medical center, as well as the method of research. Usually on the office door specialist has information on how to prepare for the procedure that you should take with you. If not, you can ask all the specialist. During the period of pregnancy, routine ultrasound is performed three diagnostic tests. The first is carried out in 10-12 weeks. On such a small time transabdominal ultrasound will not give a full and accurate picture, so often performed transvaginal. The sensor is placed into the vagina and pushed against the cervix. The sensor is put on the special condom, it will need to buy in advance. To fill the bladder before this procedure is optional.
When transabdominal ultrasound in early pregnancy to assess the condition of the uterus the unborn child can only be a full bladder, so half an hour before the procedure, drink the required amount of liquid. Enough for one or two cups, but better scope to check with a physician. Come to the procedure in advance and consume the water directly in the clinic, not at home or on the road. Otherwise, the urination will stop you and the doctor. In the second half of pregnancy to fill the bladder will not have the fruit and so it will be well rendered.
During the study there were no unforeseen situations, the bowel needs to be emptied. If the evacuation occurred shortly before the doctor's visit, take nothing. Otherwise, you may need an enema or taking a mild laxative on a natural basis. To prevent the increase of gas formation within one to two days prior to visiting a specialist avoid products that cause fermentation and gas formation in the intestine. These include: legumes, flour products, dairy products, dried fruits, peaches, plums, grapes, nuts and seeds, cabbage, and carbonated beverages.
For some, the preparations for the ultrasound is connected with expectation to see their unborn child. But tune in to what the fetus can be rotated so that his face and even some parts of the body will not be visible on the monitor. Therefore, give the specialist the opportunity to do their job and are not required to show you the unborn child from all sides.