How many times is it necessary to conduct an ultrasound during pregnancy

If the pregnancy proceeds without any complications, ultrasonography can be performed 3-4 times. The first ultrasound is done if the target of 10-12 weeks. It is carried out with the aim to clarify the term of pregnancy, to determine the number of fetuses in the uterus, the fetus structure and condition of blood circulation between it and the body of the mother. The doctor also draws attention to the thickness of the neck folds of the fruit (the result of the measurement can be judged whether the unborn child from any congenital defects), the place of attachment of the placenta, the condition of the uterine tone and amount of amniotic fluid.

The second ultrasound during pregnancy is carried out in the period from 20 to 22 weeks. The doctor determines whether the fetal size standards, if there are any defects, examine the placenta and amniotic fluid. The expectant mother may see on screen movement of your baby and to hear his heart beat, and sometimes even the facial expressions. Also, if a pregnant woman wants, she can tell the sex of the baby.

Third ultrasound performed at 30 to 32 weeks. The task of the doctor to determine how Mature the placenta is properly functioning utero-placental blood flow, what is the position of the fetus.

Just before birth it is possible to have another ultrasound. It allows you to estimate the weight of the fetus, as the placenta and the umbilical cord and the degree of readiness of the uterus to the birth process.

If the pregnancy proceeded with complications, an ultrasound may be conducted with greater frequency, on prescription.

Is there a danger of ultrasound in pregnancy

Among some pregnant women, particularly ignorant in medicine and technology, the widespread prejudice whereby ultrasound can be dangerous to the fetus. But it's just a rumor, not confirmed by medical statistics. However, often this procedure should not be carried out, and its duration should not be too large. For example, in the West doctors are trying for every expectant mother to reduce the frequency of the ultrasound to a minimum.