Unlike expert ultrasound from the traditional

The key difference here lies only in the technique used. During the traditional ultrasound most often used instrument of the middle class. It can help to reveal only a superficial disease. Expert ultrasound with the use of equipment of last generation, helps to conduct a comprehensive inspection with the use of many modern techniques. So, conventional ultrasound can only detect the General condition of the breast to detect tumors and determine their size.
If necessary the passage of ultrasound, for the most complete picture of the health status, it is best to consult a qualified professional working with the newest equipment of last generation.

Expert ultrasound is used to determine the type of neoplasm, benign or not, to predict the further course of the disease. If the tumor will be benign, with the help of modern equipment can determine how effective it will be chemo, at which point you can reduce the use of chemicals, and to what completely to refuse them.

Expert ultrasound during pregnancy

Expert ultrasound is most common in gynecology and obstetrics. Thanks to the latest technology can perform Doppler ultrasound, and display the 3D image of the fetus. With these data, the expert gets the ability to diagnose even the most minor deviations in child development. The whole process of diagnosis, typically recorded on the information carrier. In the case of contentious issues it is possible to repeatedly view the recording, to make the right decision.
Expert 3D and 4D survey allows you to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of all abdominal organs and all the anatomical structures of the body in a timely manner to detect any pathological changes and education.

Expert ultrasound is recommended in all pregnancy. It allows you to see the correct disposition of the fetus, to perform timely diagnosis of perfusion disorders. In the later stages it helps to most accurately calculate the mass and growth of the baby. Expert ultrasound conducted by a doctor, if you suspect any anomalies in the child's development, and the desire of the pregnant woman. This survey does not pose a risk to the health of the mother and baby.