First ultrasound at 12 weeks is a routine ultrasound, which are all pregnant women are mandatory. During 12-13 weeks of pregnancy is still impossible to determine the sex of the baby, so to torture the doctor not necessarily. Your baby is still very young to consider sex organs or even unlikely. Then why is it necessary?

The first ultrasound the doctor will determine no less important point – the presence or absence of possible pathologies of the fetus. And this is quite a serious issue. I will not scare you, talking about what problems may arise, which can detect a pathology specialist. Pregnant women need to know. Why? Yes, because susceptibility in this period of our ladies is off the charts. And fidget and cheat you now to anything. The more serious pathologies do not occur very often, and everything else is treated. So do not run ahead of a steam locomotive.

In addition, the first ultrasound at 12 weeks the doctor will determine the exact duration of pregnancy, expected delivery date (up to 3 days), the number of fetuses and assess the timeliness of fetal development. But you know what – you first see your baby! And this is the event!

Ultrasound at 22 weeks pregnant, your second scheduled meeting with the child and the opportunity to learn its gender. Why need a second ultrasound? The doctor looks at and evaluates the development of the fetus, as the placenta and amniotic fluid, determines the sex of the child (in 98% of cases it does).

By the way, the ultrasound at 22 weeks of pregnancy you will notice how grown up your little one as he moves. It really was amazing to see how inside you beats a little heart, inside of you lives a man. I assure you, you will remember this moment for life.

As I said, in 98% of cases to determine the sex of the baby will not be easy for the specialist. But it so happens that the little rascal turns away, as if ashamed. Do not worry. It is clear that you are madly waiting for this day to finally find out the sex of the child. But this is not so important. Most importantly, all indicators were normal, the doctor found no complications or abnormalities.

In the end, what's the difference boy or girl? Are you going to love the child less or more? Will soon find out, not much left. Before you know it, as the time comes to collect your hospital bag.

Ultrasound at 30-32 weeks of pregnancy – is carried out solely in order to make sure the fetus develops properly. This is the last ultrasound before the birth. By the way, if an ultrasound at 22 weeks pregnant you failed to know the sex of the unborn child, now you have a great opportunity to do so. But keep in mind, during these 10 weeks the child grew up, he can not move so freely as before. Therefore, the question of sex determination can remain open. Here, the estimated state of the placenta and amniotic fluid.

All pregnant women waiting for an ultrasound as something special. But it's true. First, the first ultrasound and first acquaintance, then a second ultrasound and determining the sex of the child, in the end, the third ultrasound, and you know that with your tot all is well. And that's all that matters!

Before the ultrasound, try not to worry, do not cheat yourself. You now need peace, not depression. All will be well. Try to get your beauty sleep though, you know how hard it is to sleep before such an event. But we must try.

And I sincerely wish that doctors genuinely surprised of your excellent performance and to determine the sex of a child failed the first time.