You will need
  • - parchment paper;
  • - prepared for baking the product;
  • - baking sheet.
Vellum is a special paper impregnated with sulfuric acid or with a thin coating of silicone. The one with the impregnation of the acid, durable, elastic, waterproof, well resistant to high temperatures. This material is impregnated with oil before you put it on products for baking. The parchment is impregnated with silicone is not necessary – it will not absorb products secreted by fat, so they do not stick to the surface. The silicone coated material can withstand temperatures of 280-300oC.
For baking in the oven is better to use the parchment with a thin coating of silicone, which greatly increase the heat resistance of the material. It will not burn and smoke will not stick to baked products. On the package of parchment indicated temperature, which is the maximum for this type of paper, so before using refer to the index.
Lay parchment on a baking sheet. Oil to lubricate it is not necessary – the special treatment will not allow the product to stick to the paper. New products should be put on the parchment. You can give the dough the desired shape right on the baking sheet. Thanks to the parchment baked products retain a form not crumble and not stick to the surface.
Place baking sheet in the oven. If you cook the meringue, the temperature necessary to make small – this product is baked not so much how much dried. Easy to use parchment when baking items with filling inside, it can leak out and stick to the pan, which then products are difficult to remove. Using parchment paper to make it easier.
If you are going to bake bread, it is necessary to supply the parchment to rasstavaniya, and then transfer to the baking sheet directly on the paper. Silicone coating can withstand a sufficiently high temperature necessary for the baking of bread.
When the cakes are ready, remove the pan from the oven. Remove the cakes from the parchment – it will be much easier and more convenient than using any other material. Custard cakes, crumbly dough perfect hold shape when baking for such material – you just have to carefully remove the finished product. Cooled cookies can be decorated with icing, making a pastry bag out of a piece of parchment.