To make the pastry from sticking to the form and not burnt, you can try to smear it with butter or margarine and sprinkle with flour, breadcrumbs or semolina. For most special forms for baking of ceramics, metal, nonstick, or glass of such a boundary layer between the test and the bottom is enough to make the finished cake easy to remove. You can also choose options with removable sidewalls or use silicone forms, products which are removed without any difficulty and for which no drilling required rubber stamp.
Silicone generally very comfortable material, replacing a kitchen fixture. For example, if we are talking about the cakes of thick dough that holds its shape, it can be spread on a baking sheet covered with silicone Mat instead of tracing paper. Grease a rug oil is not necessary. Cakes never stick. Silicone mats are also useful for the preparation of pastries, for example, for rolling dough. The silicone layer will not allow the product to burn, because this material is heated not strongly, but steadily kept warm.
If the hand was not modern science refer to popular traditions. Housewives of the older generation often used instead of oiled tracing paper sheets. It could be writing paper or notebook sheets. If it's primality sunflower oil, the paper becomes supple, elastic and easily accepts any form. To remove cakes from this paper is quite simple. Waxed paper is often used in baking of Easter cakes and various cupcakes.
To replace the vellum in some cases, you can and foil. The dough should be spread on the shiny side of tinfoil. If after baking the product is not removed, then allow it to cool and then remove foil.
If there is a sleeve for baking, which is a package of crispy, transparent plastic, you can try to replace them with tracing paper. Initially, the sleeve is recommended for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, but experience shows that he can cope with pastries worse. However, before you place the dough, should be lubricated with a small amount of oil.