Wax paper is paper with a thin wax coating on both sides. It is waterproof and dense. Have wax paper there is a translucent effect.

Use wax paper in cooking

First of all, wax paper is used in the household. Many Housewives use it in the cooking process or storage of products, for example, so that the dough does not burn. This can happen even if the baking dish liberally with oil, first and foremost, with products with a high sugar content. To ensure that the product is not burnt, waxed paper is put over the shelf. Because wax paper is treated with wax, no need to lubricate it with oil.

Wax paper can be used to make a beautiful inscription on the cake. For this you need to cut out a paper template in the shape of the cake, to put on a greeting word and hide it in the freezer. After some time, the letters can be separated from the paper and apply to cake.

Use wax paper in the household

If you spread the paper into the container for storage of frozen products, all the water will settle on the lining. Wiping with a paper cast iron cookware immediately after washing, you will protect it from rust.

The furniture in the kitchen will not become contaminated from the oil coating on its surface you can put wax paper. Also it will protect the cutting Board from stains of blood, if the wrap in several layers of paper.

Wax paper can be rubbed chrome plumbing to make it sparkle.

Also wax paper is used for embroidery. It can be used to copy the inscription, and then to sew it into a dense fabric. First, we need to translate the inscription on the wax paper of the original with a permanent marker, so you will get the template. Then the template need to pin it to the place of embroidery with the help of pins. It remains only to sew directly on the paper. As soon as the work is finished, the wax paper can be easily removed from under the stitches.

In addition, the wax paper used in the art for packaging of envelopes, leaves and flowers, scrolls.

Where to get wax paper

Wax paper is sold in hardware stores, supermarkets, and office supply stores, you can also do it yourself. It can be in color or text, everything depends on a pre-printed background. You can use any paper, from white to the special office for scrapbooking.