You will need
While preparing dough, make sure it is not beginning to Shine, it is a sign that the butter has melted. So, the dough will crumble and ill roll out. If this happens, cool it and roll out on a floured Board, then it will accept and retain any shape.
Thick chunks of cookie dough baked bad, so for cookies and cakes roll out a layer of 5-8 cm. Thick layers bake at a low temperature, and thin, on the contrary – high.
Try to keep the layers of dough for each kind of products have the same thickness, otherwise when baking alone, can burn, and other not grilled.
Grease the pan when baking dough is not necessary, since it is so oily and stick will not.
For baking articles of dough, place them on a baking sheet a few times prick with fork and bake in pre-heated oven.
The key to your success, of course, depends on the correct preparation of the test. If you knead it by hand, make sure that hands and the ingredients were chilled. It is important that the moisture that is in the oil that might evaporate in the process of mixing, and not before, otherwise the dough will loose. Kneading dough make two hands from the edges to the centre, gradually taking in flour. Always mix dry ingredients of flour, and a liquid – eggs.
Before you roll out the dough, place it in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes. For baking small items take the dough in small portions, and the rest store in the refrigerator until use.
If the pastry starts to burn, cover it with parchment paper. It can also put the baking sheet before baking.
Shelf life of cookie dough in the frozen 2-3 months.
The finished sand products have a light brown or Golden shade.