Baking paper can be used for baking, and for making cold confections, such as cheesecake, without baking or tiramisu. Vystlannye paper forms not only reduces the effort required to wash the dishes, and helps keep the product integrity.

Use baking paper

Greaseproof paper can be used not only in the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products, but also in order to cook in the oven for any other products. Paper with a heat-resistant layer of silicone can be used to reheat pastries or other prepared foods in a microwave oven. It should not be used only in the case when the food in the baking process allocate a lot of juice. Paper in a large amount of fluid will drip, so for these dishes is better to use foil.

On baking paper to roll the dough out into a thin pellet and transfer the product into the oven directly on it is very convenient as when you migrate the product will maintain integrity. Some of the types of cookie dough rolled out only with the use of baking paper, placing the dough between two paper layers.

How can I replace the baking paper

Instead of baking paper can be used and other materials. The most inexpensive of them – the usual drawing tracing paper. This thin transparent paper which is use as a substitute of baking paper it is possible only in a pinch. Tracing fragile and quickly gets wet, may stick to the products during the baking process. It is suitable only for sand, yeast, cold pastry with a little humidity.

Another option is parchment, smooth thick brown paper. Thanks to a special impregnation, it is plastic and resistant to moisture and high temperatures. The parchment paper absorbs the fat and can be used for cooking fat cakes, which is due to the properties of the paper less lose its shape.

Parchment with a thin coating of silicone can be called the most popular substitute of baking paper. This paper does not stick to the products, does not absorb fat, moisture, additional lubrication is not needed. They can use for various baking, and for cooking dishes of meat or fish.

"Silicon paper" from the parchment differs in that she has a silicone layer a little thicker. You can buy it in sheets.