Read the instructions before using your electric oven. There are likely to be given valuable recommendations for a particular model.
The first time you use new equipment calcined the empty oven at maximum temperature. This is necessary for getting rid of peculiar smell of new materials. After the treatment and cooling of the plate the oven must be washed.
Before cooking preheat the oven to the desired temperature. Set the thermostat to a suitable indicator and wait for a few minutes. This heating will shorten the cooking time and promote even heating and baking dishes.
Choose the right position for the pan. It is best to set it in the middle of the oven, however, in some situations, if you need more to cook the top or bottom of the dishes, the baking tray can be placed above or below.
Place the tray or dish in the oven. Use only heat-resistant utensils, other materials, such as plastic, can be dangerous. But allowed the use of metal kitchen utensils, like an electric stove does not impose such restrictions, like a microwave. If necessary, turn on the grill or convection.
If you are making a dish made of dough, especially from the rich, do not open the oven door too often - the batter may settle. It is best to observe cooking through the glass, the more there is a special backlight.
The willingness of the meals, check with a fork. Gently pierce her pie or casserole - on the Cutlery should not be raw dough. When you cook the meat with the gravy, do not forget to baste it with sauce in order that the top layer does not dry out. After removing the finished dish from the oven, don't forget to turn it off.