The parchment resembles the wrapping paper – a smooth, dense, the color of which can be white or brown. It is made from paper that is impregnated with special compounds and acquires as a result of the many useful properties. It turns out the fine material, which is plastic, resistant to moisture and temperature. The parchment absorbs the fat which secrete bake products in it. It is not destroyed by boiling, excellent resistant to high temperature, and in the case of wet loses strength.
Try to cook food in the oven in a pan, zastelil her bottom with parchment paper. This method is suitable for gas cookers and electric, but high temperature in the oven should not be done. Food cooked in the parchment will not burn.
Bake cookies, zastelil a baking sheet with parchment paper, the cakes will be grilled evenly, it is better to keep the form. For decoration glaze cooled cookies as a pastry bag to use the same sheet on which the cookie was baked. When baking cakes from meringue there is nothing stronger than the parchment does not stick to it the bottom of the cakes, and integrity of product when removing from the form saved.
Bake pastry stuffed with certainly on the parchment. If the filling is spilled, cakes or cookies may stick to the pan, remove them in this case is quite difficult. With parchment to do this will be much easier.
Place intended for baking the bread on parchment paper for proofing. When the time comes to send the bread in the oven, on a baking sheet, you can move it right on the parchment. It perfectly withstands high temperatures necessary to obtain a well baked bread.
Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper, if you're going to bake something in the oven. Vegetables placed on the parchment, perfectly cook, and the dishes then do not even need to launder. You can do it even easier – wrap in parchment pieces of meat, fish or chicken, add vegetables, parcels lay on a baking sheet or in a deep pan. In the "shirt" of parchment, the food is much tastier in the cooking process manages to preserve a maximum of useful substances.