Aluminium is contained in permissible amounts in many foods, is present in water and medicines. The human body to digest a small part of aluminium, its excess can easily be excreted without complications.

Aluminum utensils have almost every housewife. In a pot, not stick food, fast heat up liquid. This cookware is lightweight and convenient.
Modern manufacturers of dishes have developed a new production technology. By applying aluminium stainless steel to become more resistant to deformation and chemical effects of aluminum cookware.

The dangers of aluminium

In high concentrations, aluminum is toxic, can cause damage to the nervous system, kidneys, liver, anemia, and growth of tumors.

When cooking with aluminium cookware and foil can enter into a chemical reaction with the products. For example, milk is alkaline, and vegetables – acidic environment. Under the influence of any of these environments, the aluminium gets from utensils to eat, and then in the human body.

The amount of aluminium entering from utensils or foil in the food too small, so to harm a healthy person can not. However, in people with diseased kidneys can cause severe diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Guidelines for using aluminum cookware and foil

The use of aluminium cookware and foil for baking, is safe for a human, if you observe the following recommendations:
- to cook with a neutral environment: cakes, dairy-free porridge and hot or boiling water;
- after cooking in aluminum cookware or foil is necessary to shift the food in ceramic or glassware;
- not to clean the dishes with abrasive materials, because it damages the protective film.
To restore the oxide (protective) film in aluminium ware damaged when cleaning with abrasive media, you need to dial in a bowl of water and allow to stand for ten minutes, then wipe dry.

The advantages of foil for baking

foil does not absorb fat and sauces when cooking;
- reduces the cooking time, while leaving dishes clean;
the foil pouch is sealed and does not allow the products to absorb odors;
- glossy surface of aluminum foil has anti-bacterial properties that inhibit the development of pathogenic microorganisms;
- due to the opacity of the foil helps to preserve the products all of the vitamins that are destroyed by sun exposure;
- can be used not only at high temperatures, but when freezing the food.