Advice 1: How to remove belly fat without losing weight

To get rid of a bulging belly can be, first and foremost, proper nutrition coupled with physical activity. However, in order not to lose while in weight, it is important to do strength training. They will help build muscle and give the figure it's very good.
How to remove belly fat without losing weight
Correct the cause of the appearance of the abdomen. If you too are fond of beer, stop to use it. Also useful would be to abandon harmful food, such as fried and fatty foods, fast food, flour and synthetic sweets. Such food leads to fat in the most problematic areas, one of which is the stomach.
At the same time, avoid diets, as their implementation will definitely affect the weight are not desirable for you. In addition, most diets usually involves the rejection of a number of useful products, and it is always a stress for the organism, since it ceases to receive those or other necessary material to him. Better to just try to break your diet into 5-6 meals.
Start doing strength training - they will help quickly build muscle mass. A suitable type of physical activity not only men but also women. The latter, incidentally, if properly structured exercise program will never turn into a mountain of muscle, and only acquire a toned slender body with nice bulges.
Exercise under the guidance of an experienced coach. Independent strength training can lead at best to ugly figure, at worst to serious injury. Just explain to the technician what effect you want to get from the lessons, and follow its recommendations.
Alternative strength training can be swimming and fitness. Doing these, you can also get rid of the belly and acquire a beautiful figure. In addition, these types of physical activity help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. And swimming and even beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system.
If the opportunity to go to the gym no practice at home. Download abdominal muscles and buttock, perform the tightening of the hull and feet on the bar, go with dumbbells. All this will help to quickly get rid of belly fat. At the same time the muscles tighten, so your weight will remain the same, but the figure will become much more beautiful.
Watch your posture. Even heavily protruding belly seems a bit less if you walk with a straight back. And with a stoop and a slight tummy will be much to spoil the appearance. While you walk and work in a sitting position try not to strain the abdominal muscles – it will strengthen them, which has a positive impact on the waist.

Advice 2 : How to remove belly and flanks at home for a short time

Beautiful and slim figure is the key to health and prosperity, and to remove belly and flanks at home in quite a short time. This should follow a special diet and perform some exercise.
You can remove belly and flanks at home for a short time
If you want to remove belly and flanks at home for a short time, it is important to note the exact period of time over which you will achieve it. For example, set a goal – to lose 5 kg per month (goal should be achievable). Now shall describe on paper the steps that will lead you to this result.
Start with your diet. The most famous and simple measures that cause weight loss – the exception for your chosen period of time the sweet and unhealthy dishes – confectionery products, and all products containing harmful sugar – sodas, artificial juices, milkshakes, etc. Also, change the diet and try to eat not 3, but 4-5 times a day but small portions. A large part of the diet should be useful for cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat), fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, white meat poultry and lean meats fish.
People who want to remove belly and flanks at home, often paying a lot of attention to the various diets in the mistaken belief that they are the key to weight loss. However, far more important nutrition – physical activity. In the diet there are only two main rules – don't overeat and avoid junk food. But this is only to prevent the growth of adipose tissue, and reduce it only with exercise.
Proceed to the improvement of the shape with light cardio exercise. It can be morning jog or afternoon Hiking, Biking or swimming. Within 1-2 weeks, spend at least 1-2 hours a day for such loads, after which they will need to add a special set of exercises.
To remove the stomach and hips for a short period of time you will help "shock" a set of exercises for abdominal muscles. It does not require the lifting of the body, lying on the back; climbs straight leg up lying on your back, either knees bent, sitting on the bench. To remove the projecting sides a good helping of "twisting" - the same exercises, but with each lift of the body or feet should be followed by turning left and right. The number of repetitions choose, based on their physical features, but every day they need to be increased.
In addition to crunches, do squats and push-UPS to strengthen muscle of legs, arms and back. This will allow not only faster and more efficient to remove belly and flanks at home for a short time, but to get a beautiful, slender and perfect figure.
Stress detrimental impact on health and often lead to weight gain. It is important not to overload yourself and try to look for the positive in everything. This way, you will achieve your goal much faster.
Useful advice
A very important factor that allows you to quickly remove the stomach and hips for a short period, is the correct mode of the day. Preferably, at least temporarily to abandon late nights at the computer or in front of the TV and go to bed no later than 23:00. The sleep duration should be not less than 8 hours.

Advice 3 : How to remove belly fat in the winter

Winter fat folds on the abdomen is not uncommon. The lack of activity, overeating during the holidays – all this contributes to the accumulation of extra pounds in the waist area. How to get rid of them? Consider some of the ways.
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To remove fat from belly in the winter, you need to act comprehensively. Not to sit in front of TV for hours and walk, skate or ski. Before the walk it is advisable to wear special underwear or a belt to the waist with a massage and a warming effect. The severity of winter clothing will also be on hand.

On the street, use all the options: Jogging, walking, squats. Even something as simple as riding a roller coaster with your child or walking your dog will benefit. 35-40 minutes walk, and the fat on the tummy and sides will melt like butter in a skillet.


Blue clay as a fat burning tool

Home to remove fat from your abdomen and back can help wraps. Buy the pharmacy blue clay (which is cheap and enough healing properties: blue clay tones and tightens the skin) and the cling film (which in supermarkets bagging groceries).

Wraps better to do at night. For starters, take a hot shower, clean and wet body. Dissolve the clay powder in a large bowl with warm water. Spread the body from the line under the chest to the lower abdomen. Wrap wrap and wrap up in a towel. Wait for 15 minutes. Wash first with warm, then cool water. During cool shower RUB the belly and flanks Terry MITT. Grease fat-burning cream. You can use the baby cream with the addition of 3-4 drops of essential oil of menthol – it has a toning effect and pleasantly cools the skin.


As a massage you can use special anti-cellulite massage brush. After a shower take your position lying on your back, spread the abdomen and flanks with baby oil or massage cream. Flowing movements gently massage the abdomen. The direction is always strictly in a clockwise direction around the navel. The sides from the bottom up – line from the hips to the ribs.


And you can do without the brush – massage with hands gently to knead and pinch along the same lines, until the skin on the belly and sides turn red.



Power shower against belly fat and sides

Effectively helps to remove fat on belly and sides power shower – high pressure narrow jet of water. If there are no problems in the female part (various tumors, fibroids, endometritis, surgery, etc.), the power shower will be a real solution in the fight against fat folds on the stomach.

For this procedure it is necessary to buy a special shower head. For the desired effect, the length of the water jet should be at least a meter. Ask someone close to help you.

During the procedure, stand up straight, arms bent at the elbows, palms in the lock on the back of the head. The helper must direct the like draws a cross: top-to-bottom and then from left to right through the umbilicus. Then in a circular motion clockwise and the trailing point direction to the upper point above the navel (hold 30 seconds), the right of the navel, left and bottom. The total duration of treatment is 7-10 minutes.


The nozzle can be used as a massage. Take a seat in the filled tub and let the jet under water at the specified lines. 5-10 procedures figure seeks perfection.


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