Advice 1: How to remove belly fat without losing weight

To get rid of a bulging belly can be, first and foremost, proper nutrition coupled with physical activity. However, in order not to lose while in weight, it is important to do strength training. They will help build muscle and give the figure it's very good.
How to remove belly fat without losing weight
Correct the cause of the appearance of the abdomen. If you too are fond of beer, stop to use it. Also useful would be to abandon harmful food, such as fried and fatty foods, fast food, flour and synthetic sweets. Such food leads to fat in the most problematic areas, one of which is the stomach.
At the same time, avoid diets, as their implementation will definitely affect the weight are not desirable for you. In addition, most diets usually involves the rejection of a number of useful products, and it is always a stress for the organism, since it ceases to receive those or other necessary material to him. Better to just try to break your diet into 5-6 meals.
Start doing strength training - they will help quickly build muscle mass. A suitable type of physical activity not only men but also women. The latter, incidentally, if properly structured exercise program will never turn into a mountain of muscle, and only acquire a toned slender body with nice bulges.
Exercise under the guidance of an experienced coach. Independent strength training can lead at best to ugly figure, at worst to serious injury. Just explain to the technician what effect you want to get from the lessons, and follow its recommendations.
Alternative strength training can be swimming and fitness. Doing these, you can also get rid of the belly and acquire a beautiful figure. In addition, these types of physical activity help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. And swimming and even beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system.
If the opportunity to go to the gym no practice at home. Download abdominal muscles and buttock, perform the tightening of the hull and feet on the bar, go with dumbbells. All this will help to quickly get rid of belly fat. At the same time the muscles tighten, so your weight will remain the same, but the figure will become much more beautiful.
Watch your posture. Even heavily protruding belly seems a bit less if you walk with a straight back. And with a stoop and a slight tummy will be much to spoil the appearance. While you walk and work in a sitting position try not to strain the abdominal muscles – it will strengthen them, which has a positive impact on the waist.

Advice 2 : How to clean up slouch

Slouch mainly arises from the disproportionate development of muscles: chest muscles may be more developed than upper back (this is quite common even among those who exercise regularly), because of this, they pull your shoulders forward because the back is unable to keep them. Fix the slouch is possible thanks to the daily performance of the following exercises.
How to clean up slouch
As already mentioned, the main reason stoop is uneven muscle development that's why people can't keep straight body position. Therefore, to begin addressing the need from muscle training. The most simple and effective exercise aimed at the treatment of the stoop is lifting dumbbells in hand. First take the initial position: legs apart slightly to the sides, knees bent, torso should be tilted forward. It is also important to ensure that the back was straighter. Breathing in, take the dumbbells in hand, on the exhale pinch the blade. Perform at least three sets of 10-15 times, dumbbell weight, you need to choose the appropriate. For the first time, 3 pounds is enough. Over time you can increase the load and number of sets.
The second exercise is pushups. In this exercise, you will not only develop the muscles of the chest, and upper back because you have to constantly keep her in suspense, to keep the body in a level position. To perform this exercise, you must do the following: press your straight arms to the floor, legs should be slightly apart, inhale, bend the elbows, bringing the body to the floor, then press until the full straightening of hands. The most common mistake when performing this exercise is to bend your back, it's better to do less repetitions, but they will be high-quality.
Then you can move on to fixing exercise. The first two we've trained the muscles, and now need to learn how to keep your back straight. To perform this exercise you need any smooth vertical surface. Lean against the wall so that your body touched her only four points: heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck. Now wait at least 2-3 minutes. It is possible that at first it will be difficult to keep your back in this position, but don't worry, with time you will be able to do it indefinitely.

Advice 3 : How to remove belly fat male

Big belly is one of the most frustrating issues for men. To get rid of it, you need perseverance and a reasonable amount of time. However, there is a small trick that allows to remove the stomach as quickly as possible.
How to remove belly fat male
Set yourself a target. You should clearly know how many extra kilos you want to lose and how want to look. Maybe you need just a small and flat stomach, or textured and hard. Write it all down on a piece of paper and hang it so that it was always in sight.
Revise your diet. Avoid overeating, try to eat more often but small portions. Adjust the amount of incoming nutrients: the amount of protein per day should not exceed 1 g on your own body weight, carbohydrate – 3-4 Fats in the diet must be present in minimum quantity.
Refrain from using personal transport. Move around the city on foot or by bike. So you'll burn more calories and will be able to normalize metabolism. Possible make morning and evening runs.
Start to do exercises for the abdominal muscles. You can enroll in a gym, but if you value your personal time and funds to study at home. The simple exercise is to lie on your back, put your hands behind your head and start to lift the body, Contracting only the abdominal muscles, then lower to the starting position. Everyday you need to increase the number of repetitions. Do at least 3 approaches, from 30 to 100 reps in each.
Don't forget about the elaboration of the lateral abdominal muscles. This can be done by twisting during the sit-UPS, or turning to the side, standing or sitting. You also need to focus on the lower parts of the press: perform climbs straight legs to the body, hanging on the bar, or lying on the back.
Enjoy a swim. It gives tone to the muscles, normalizes metabolism, which will necessarily affect the appearance of your belly. However, training must be intense, with practicing different types of swimming.
It is believed that most men want to have slim and beautiful stomach muscles, that is – press. Before you pounce on exercise, and wear down a large number of repetitions, you need to find the minimum base theory. Because the only way you will be able to quickly pump up the press. Knowing the mechanics of press operation, you will be able to correctly perform any exercise, without involvement of other muscles.
Useful advice
Wanting to have a beautiful, elastic, tight stomach, people always remember the cherished cubes. Quickly pump up the press blocks under force not to everyone, because everything will depend on the initial state of the abdominal muscles and the fat that has accumulated to date.

Advice 4 : How to remove belly fat, if no fat

Bulging belly most of its owners don't like, and they try to get rid of it in all possible ways. It not only creates a variety of problems, starting with choosing the suitable clothes, which could hide this deficiency, but health can affect not particularly pleasant way.
How to remove belly fat, if no fat
If the formed stomach excess fat, it looks not very nice. Wishing to acquire a beautiful figure to start actions to get rid of bulging belly suggest most often with weight loss or strenuous exercise. It is suitable for those who have a bulging stomach because of the fat. But there is another group of citizens who have fat seemed to be missing, and the figure leaves much to be desired.

Why is formed a bulging belly

In most cases, trouble with the figure in the abdominal region – not a consequence of overeating and poor lifestyle. For example, if you have a day to not have the opportunity to eat in peace, but in the evening eat to satiety, the stomach stretches, and with it is stretched and the abdominal wall. About the same happens with beer lovers. Stretched abdominal wall is not removed, herded excess fat.

Sitting position also not good for the beauty of the abdomen. Muscle, represents the abdominal wall, in this position, relaxed, and pressure of the organs on the inside does not interfere. Therefore, the bench press here a little than will help – it is above the abdominal wall and just takes its shape. The cubes that you pump in the result of overexertion, are located just on this bulge.

How to remove the distended belly

To get a beautiful figure without the bulging belly, you need to reexamine your lifestyle. The main tasks here will be the organization of proper nutrition and regular exercises, which will help to get rid of residual fat.

It is imperative to adjust your diet – a proper diet will directly depend on the efficiency and speed of problem solution. If the stomach sticks out, not very much, enough to exclude from the diet of fatty food, and dinner is best with a Cup of yogurt or an Apple.

As for exercise, you merely swing the press will not be enough. For the impact on the abdomen and waist should be to train the muscles of the whole body. The more diverse the exercises you will include in your daily workout, the faster you will gain a tight stomach. For example, good help is exercise: lie on back, raise legs, thirty degrees upwards and hold in this position for as long as I can.

From the same position, lift up your head and shoulders, holding the pose as much as you can. Do difficult jumps – focusing on hands, feet recoil ago. Well-matched sports program will have an impact on the whole body, and it helps to give your muscles a fortress and get a beautiful figure.
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