Correct the cause of the appearance of the abdomen. If you too are fond of beer, stop to use it. Also useful would be to abandon harmful food, such as fried and fatty foods, fast food, flour and synthetic sweets. Such food leads to fat in the most problematic areas, one of which is the stomach.
At the same time, avoid diets, as their implementation will definitely affect the weight are not desirable for you. In addition, most diets usually involves the rejection of a number of useful products, and it is always a stress for the organism, since it ceases to receive those or other necessary material to him. Better to just try to break your diet into 5-6 meals.
Start doing strength training - they will help quickly build muscle mass. A suitable type of physical activity not only men but also women. The latter, incidentally, if properly structured exercise program will never turn into a mountain of muscle, and only acquire a toned slender body with nice bulges.
Exercise under the guidance of an experienced coach. Independent strength training can lead at best to ugly figure, at worst to serious injury. Just explain to the technician what effect you want to get from the lessons, and follow its recommendations.
Alternative strength training can be swimming and fitness. Doing these, you can also get rid of the belly and acquire a beautiful figure. In addition, these types of physical activity help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. And swimming and even beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system.
If the opportunity to go to the gym no practice at home. Download abdominal muscles and buttock, perform the tightening of the hull and feet on the bar, go with dumbbells. All this will help to quickly get rid of belly fat. At the same time the muscles tighten, so your weight will remain the same, but the figure will become much more beautiful.
Watch your posture. Even heavily protruding belly seems a bit less if you walk with a straight back. And with a stoop and a slight tummy will be much to spoil the appearance. While you walk and work in a sitting position try not to strain the abdominal muscles – it will strengthen them, which has a positive impact on the waist.