Method Fukuzumi

This method of getting rid of the stomach was developed by a Japanese doctor. The validity of the method, Fukuzumi based on the fact that the proposed exercise the spine, internal organs, pelvis and upper quadrant take the correct position. The stomach is therefore smaller, waist thinner, and the posture better. However, burn belly fat in such a way will not work.

If you want to try the method Dr. Fukuzumi, you'll need bath towel, hair band and a solid surface on which to lie down. Towel roll with a roller, the thickness of which should be 7 cm Cushion tie a thread to it to keep the form.

Sit on a firm surface, e.g. on the floor, place the roller behind your buttocks. Spread your feet approximately 20 cm and bow them to each other so that thumbs touch each other. Fix the position of the feet, wearing a rubber band on the toes.

Then lie on the floor, the roll of towels should be under your belly button. Pull your hands behind your head, putting their palms on floor, fingers in the correct position should touch each other. At first, the exercise duration may be 1 minute, then try to hold that uncomfortable position for at least 5 minutes.

Gymnastics for the lazy

To pull the body and get rid of the belly, try from time to time to do small exercises, invisible to the outside observer. Tighten your abdominal muscles and hold this position as long as you can. Then relax and repeat a few times.

Sitting at a Desk at work or driving in traffic, lift one leg as high as possible and hold this position until muscle fatigue. Repeat for the other leg.

Very effective for flat stomach and breathing exercise. On a deep inhale pull your stomach as much as possible, hold this position for a few seconds, then exhale. It is advisable to do this exercise 100 times a day.

If you do these exercises regularly, over time you'll notice their positive effect on your figure. And, maybe it will inspire more exercise.

Beauty treatments for a flat stomach

To enhance the effect of exercises, try wrapping with honey. Apply on the skin of the abdomen a bit of liquid honey, wrap with plastic wrap and hide a warm blanket for 30 minutes. Then rinse under the showers.

To get rid of belly help salon treatment. Mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound therapy and massages will help to remove excess fat deposits from the belly of even the most lazy. The only drawback of these methods is high cost.