For starters, consider how often and what you eat. Snacks at work hotdogs, hamburgers and other fast food – the first destroyer of your slender figure. Replace them with fruits and salads, light yogurt, kefir. Forget about the beer and energy drinks. The first time you eat oily and farinaceous food. Can chase the feeling of hunger, but after a couple days your body to adjust and you will feel good. Do not eat after eight PM. At this time your stomach is resting and not able to digest food. Therefore, all food, especially sweet and fatty that you ate after 20.00, "sticks" to the waist and stomach. Make it a rule to eat every day at the same time and not to deviate from the schedule. For example, Breakfast – 8.00 am, lunch 13.00, dinner – 19.00.
Get a gym membership. Usually there are qualified trainers who will help you find the right set of exercises and are carefully monitored, so that you don't shirk from exercise.
If the gym time you have, you can do exercises at home. Start with the usual warm-up, which is often run by teachers in physical education classes. Circular rotation of the head, shoulders, arms, hips, tilts and squats. A little warm-up the body, proceed to the exercises for the belly.
The first exercise is the swing press. On the first day of workouts raise your body off the floor 15 times. Every day increase that number by 5. The press need to download three approach. The intervals between them – no more than 5 minutes. The second exercise is bending. Place your feet shoulder width apart. The arms are straight, fingers clenched into the castle. Without bending the knees, bend so that the palms touch the floor. Repeat the exercise 20 times. The third exercise is the retraction of the abdomen in yourself. This exercise can be done anytime and anywhere, the number of times is not limited. By the way, if pull the stomach don't inhale, and on exhale, so even straightens the posture.
Another way to get rid of fat on stomach – regular sex. It charges us with positive emotions, and also helps to keep the press in good shape and burn excess fats.