Advice 1: How to quickly remove belly fat

If you want to remove the saggy belly for the shortest time, possible when using the nutrition and physical activity. In addition, it is necessary to remember about the time of the meal and its composition.
How to quickly remove belly fat
Drink plenty of fluids. This will reduce the daily intake of tea and coffee to 1-2 cups per day. From morning to evening it is advisable to drink at least 1.5-2 l of purified carbonated water. If this task seems hard, drink as much water as you want. It is best to replace it afternoon tea or evening coffee. Every morning drink 1 glass of water on an empty stomach immediately after washing.
Make it a rule not to eat about 4 hours before bedtime. The exception is the one green Apple that you can eat to appease hunger. Already after a couple days you will notice that the belly slowly begins to shrink in size, and the whole body will feel a noticeable lightness.
Diversify the diet, limit consumption of fatty and fried foods. To quickly remove the stomachduring each meal, the contents of the dish should be the size of your fist. Perhaps this amount seems too small, but at 5-6 times daily diet it is justified.
Train the muscles of the upper and lower press at least 3 approaches a day. You can use any, including the classic abdominal exercises. For example, lie on the floor, lift your legs up, then bend at the knees parallel to the floor. Hands bend at the elbows, move them to the side (palms should touch the neck). Without dropping your legs, lift the body up, trying to reach chest to the knees. Do not help itself hands, and keep breathing. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
To train lower abs, lie down on the floor, hands extend along the body. Holding together, raise your straightened legs up perpendicular to the floor. The position of feet should be parallel to the ceiling. Slowly bring your legs over your head so that the distance between them and the floor was about 45 degrees. Hold for a few seconds then return to starting position. In one approach perform not less than 8 times.

Advice 2: How to remove belly fat without dieting

To get rid of the rounded belly is a dream of many, but not everyone is ready to go for the sake of rejection of the favorite dishes and products. To remove belly fat without diet, but it will take a lot of effort and a little more time.
How to remove belly fat without dieting
Burn fat using cardio. Such sports as running, swimming, aerobics effect on the whole body, causing increased heart rate. This is what affects the burning of accumulated fat, the higher the pulse, the more and faster it goes. Exercise at least three times a week to achieve a quick result.
Increase the load gradually, without forcing the body to work hard. Stress weight loss will lead to repeat weight gain, and it will exceed the level at which you start to lose weight.
Do the exercises on the abdominal muscles. Giving the load on these muscles, you strengthen them and eventually will make more relief. Due to this, your stomach will be flat and beautiful. Almost all exercises are performed from the supine position. Buy a special yoga Mat, and start to implement.
Bend your knees, put your hands behind your head. Lift the body up, lifting your upper torso off the floor. It does not press your chin to your chest and keep the back slightly rounded to avoid injuries.
Do sit-UPS, twisting the body. Pull towards each other, the knee and elbow of the opposite arm. This exercise actively engages the side muscles, which are responsible for shaping your waist and decrease the sides.
Get your feet. Exercises involving the legs, and develop your lower abdominals. This area is often problematic, both for men and women. Lying on back, place hands under buttocks, lift your legs at ninety degrees up and hook them to each other.
Pull your knees to your chest, trying not to shake the body. Then from the same position push the legs up, do it gently and slowly for the best development of muscles and load. The last exercise is given a fairly hard, especially those who just started working on my abs.
Do a set of exercises for ten to fifteen minutes daily. For quick results, do it three times a day before meals or two hours after. To maintain abdominal tone try not to throw exercises and cardio. Do a couple of times a week and your body will thank you with their fit.
A much more rapid effect can be achieved only in the combination of exercise and proper nutrition. And if food restriction and exercise will give you the opportunity to look better within a month, without diet results will have to wait much longer.
Useful advice
When working you will notice a decrease in the volume of the abdomen after three or four months. If the load does not yield results, you should think about visiting a physician as the lack of improvement may indicate health problems.
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