Correction of the diet - the primary task for those seeking to reduce belly. During the day, make at least 4 meals. The most voluminous of them have to be lunch. In the morning try to eat about 30 - 40 minutes after lifting. Make dinner not later 18 – 18.30. Between meals also do snacks. For example, 2 hours later - 3 after lunch, eat a fruit or salad, a vegetable, a handful of nuts, etc. In the first half of the day is cereal, fruit, meat, fish, any sour-milk products little fat. After 16 hours of the day limit the consumption of vegetables and lean fish. These meals are quickly digested and will not contribute to the deposition of fat around the waist and abdomen.
Observe the water regime, during the day, drink more than 1.5 liters of clean water. Avoid consuming coffee, soft drinks, tea, fruit drinks etc. Like usual products expel fluid from the body. Drink a glass of water approximately 30 minutes before a meal. After eating try not to drink around 1.5 hours. A similar mode of consumption of fluids will help excrete toxins in a natural way there will be a decrease the abdomen.
Exercise for the abdominal muscles will help significantly to reduce belly. To perform a set of exercise preferably every day. In this case, the result you get fast enough. Lie on your back, pay attention to the lower back, it needs to be fully pressed to the floor. Hands put behind your head, bend your knees, lower leg position parallel to the floor. On the exhale pull the hips to the abdomen, breath foot point to the floor. Do 15 - 20 repetitions.
Stretch yourself on the floor with legs fully straighten, hands place behind his head. On the exhale, the hands move sharply forward, stretch them and lift the body. At the same time aim up the left leg. If initially you find it difficult to keep the leg straight, unable to bend the knee and bring the thigh to the abdomen. On the inhale the lower leg, the upper part of the body gently back on the floor.
Cosmetology now offers a huge range of creams, gels, serums against cellulite to reduce the body. Choose to care for the skin of the abdomen means neutral feelings. That is, avoid to put on the cream, providing a warming or cooling effect. Otherwise, chasing a beautiful figure, you can chill the pelvic organs or Vice versa to cause the development of tumors due to excessive heating. Picking up a tool, apply it morning and evening on cleansed skin of the abdomen. Hand make a circular motion clockwise. On a stomach do not press hard.