A healthy lifestyle

Start to bring your body to perfection with the transition to a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, try not to worry, check your diet. Excess fat can accumulate in different places, but the abdomen is one of the first to be subjected to impact.

There is no universal set of products, the use of which would guarantee the maintenance of weight loss at the same level. First and foremost, develop yourself to have good food habits. Do not attempt to regain harmony through fasting haphazardly — it can disrupt the natural processes in the body and will not bring the desired results. You can gradually remove the excess belly fat, eating low-calorie food: fresh fruits, vegetables and foods rich in starch, such as brown rice, whole-wheat bread. Discard helpful for the tummy, more precisely, for its growth, sweets, chips, soda. Eat only what is good for health.


In various recommendations on how to clean the tummy as a useful product commonly found yogurt. Glass of this dairy product not break the diet and will bring the feeling of satiety. But most importantly, kefir cleanses the intestines and the entire body of toxins.

In the same vein, eat more plant-based foods. Do yourself a Breakfast, such as oatmeal and apples for lunch, prepare a vegetable salad with greens, and in the evening to eat a carrot.

For normal work of intestines in the morning drink a glass of cool clean water. Or take on an empty stomach one to two tablespoons of olive or flax oil. You can mix it with half of the lemon. The habit of doing this every day will help you cleanse the liver, normalize its work. Vegetable oil consists mostly of polyunsaturated fats, so they also contribute to weight loss.


If you have not yet decided how to remove belly fat, consider all the possible ways. For example, if the scale of the problem is great, try to refer to the achievements of the cosmetics industry. Liposuction is a serious operation, so, deciding on it, carefully choose the clinic, refer only to the professionals. Using this procedure it is possible to simulate the contours of the body and remove excess fat, get rid of ugly folds under the Breasts and around the navel to remove the deformation in the form of a ball. Of course, liposuction is not all expensive, but this is not the only way to lose weight.


Pick a special modeling tool, it can be cream, mask, gel, oil or the whole complex. They, too, will cost money, furthermore, by themselves not able to make the stomach flat. Use them only in combination with exercise, diet, massage and other treatments.


Remove fat from the abdomen helps wrap. Active components specially prepared mixtures remove excess fluid from the tissues to break down fats. A popular service in beauty salons, but the wrapping is not that difficult and basically requires no special skills for it. So you can use it to remove the belly at home. Before wrapping, make sure you clean the skin, preferably with a scrub. Steam it and then massage the paste on the abdomen and waist. The problem area, wrap with cling film and dress warmly. Better to go under a blanket and wait half an hour or be active the whole time. Then rinse. Procedure is carried out once in two days. The most effective mixture to wrap in order to lose weight with coffee, clay, vinegar, and honey.

1. Dilute with boiling water coffee and clay in combination 1:1 to the consistency of sour cream. Allow to steep and cool down. Carry out the procedure with this mixture as described above.

2. Two tablespoons of dry mustard dissolve in water, add a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and salt and keep the mixture a day in a warm room. Add the warm honey in an amount equal to the resulting composition. Apply on the stomach.

3. Guide wrap, cloth and 3-th vinegar. If desired, add a few drops of essential oil. Wrap the belly wrap and repeat all the same steps.

The jets

The correction can be carried out using hot tubs. This service in the SPA - and beauty salons are not rare. Directed jets of water, supplied under pressure, will lead to tone the abdominal muscles, break any lumps of fat, forced to move the hated, the wrinkles of the Shar Pei. Massage with water enhances blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, improves skin condition. In principle, it is useful to anyone who can take a bath. But before the massage, consult with a specialist.

Exercises for belly

All of these methods will earn in full force, if you combine them with exercise. Exercise for belly not only remove excess, strengthen the abdominal muscles, but also give the body a beautiful shape.

Enjoy any sport that you like. Or dancing. Buy home AB trainer. Join a group of like-minded people or to individual classes. Gym, Cycling, running — a lot of options. Most importantly — start.

The most effective training under the guidance of a professional. But nothing prevents to conduct classes at home.

If you decided to focus on strength training, alone or with the help of a specialist develop a set of exercises, aimed not only at getting rid of the abdomen, but also on strengthening all of the muscles. Indeed, focusing on one, it will be difficult to stay happy with the way things are going. In addition, the abdominal muscles participate in almost all exercises, even those where movements are performed by other parts of the body. Study at your own pace – slow effort with a well-fixed position is always better than a strong jerk.

That's still somewhat popular and effective exercises, which abdominal muscles are most involved.

1. The first is the elevation of the trunk from a prone position. Lie on your back, your wrists should be under the head. Bend your knees and ensure that the feet tightly to the floor. Pressing the small of your back, tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your upper body, reach thus forward. Please note that the shoulders were straightened, elbows divorced in hand. Buttocks and feet should not move.

2. Twisting the torso in the supine position — with this exercise, actively working oblique muscles. Lying on back, hands under head, bend your knees, place one ankle on the knee of the other leg. Keep the knee of the supporting leg is located on one line with the corresponding shoulder and the foot rested on the floor. Raise your arm and shoulder support leg up and forward and send them to the centerline of the body, as if twisting around the spine. The other hand always have contact with the floor.

3. The Third "Bridge". Lying on your back, bend your knees and rest them on the floor. Elbows should be at an angle of 90 degrees, the loin slightly arched. Resting on the floor with elbows, shoulders and feet, simultaneously lift your hips and chest — the main motion should be the pelvis. After a pause return to the starting position. Try to avoid basic errors: the separation of the feet, the skew movement due to uncoordinated movements of the hips, instability of the knee. In all exercises the efforts spend on the exhale, return to starting position — breath.

Class of gaming consoles

To remove a small tummy can be playing. In the literal sense. Select a program and set of exercises that aims specifically at training the abdominal muscles. Alone or with friends, turn on your gaming console and move along with the characters on the screen.

There are many excuses: "How to remove belly fat if I'm over..." or "everyone in the family has had problems with excess weight, there is nothing you can do about it...". It is called in one word — laziness. To remove the abdomen, just get up off the sofa and begin classes. On which version you're staying is not important. So you prefer once again to hide the tummy well-matched clothes or after hard work to show everyone how the perfect body?