You will need
  • - table calorie foods;
  • - Mat for sport.
To remove belly fat in a month you need:
1) to lose weight;
2) to tone the abdominal muscles.To lose weight only through diet. Reduce intake of carbohydrates, eat more vegetables, fruits, herbs. Eat often, but in one go, consume minimal amounts of food. Don't go hungry – this causes bouts of uncontrollable overeating.
To tone the abdominal muscles using different exercises. They should be performed daily in 3 sets of 20 repetitions for each. Exercise 1Лягте on the floor, bending his knees and resting his feet on the floor. Put your hands on your head or neck. Begin to lift the body, trying to reach chest to the knees. Drag it by the chest, not the neck or forehead. Exercise 2Лежа on the floor, simultaneously lift up straight legs and upper body, as if folding in half at the waist. During the movement of the drag hands to the knees.Exercise 3Лежа on the floor, bend your knees and abut them to the floor. The left foot put on the right knee. His hands lay behind his head. Begin to lift the hull, trying the elbow of the right hand to reach the left knee. After 20 repetitions, change side.
There is another way to remove belly fat in a month. This method is liposuction. Its essence is this: under General anesthesia, the surgeon removes excess fat from the abdominal area. In one session of liposuction can lose weight by 3-5 pounds.