The only way to remove fat around waist and stomach is not crunches, and cardio. Until you begin to burn more calories than you consume, your tummy is round and soft, in spite of any efforts. Isolated exercises on the abdominal muscles will definitely pump up the press, but who sees it under a layer of fat? Cardio or, as they are called aerobic exercise gives you another great bonus of a healthy heart. Just 150 minutes of such exercise a week will allow you to see the terrain over which you had worked for. To cardio are training on treadmills and stationary bikes, the Stairmaster, but the same aerobic exercise you get, running in the Park, long walking, climbing stairs, riding a bike, doing ice skating, roller skating or skiing, swimming or dancing energetic dances. In the gym or at home, on the streets of a bustling city or on the track, the rink, the gravel – choose any type of cardio that will give you pleasure, but don't overdo it! If you overextend the body and do not give him time to recover, your muscles will begin to dwindle. Start with small loads, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of your workouts. Get a break of 1-2 days. Four times a week lasting 20-30 minutes will be enough for a beginner.

"Clean" food

Anyone knows that in order to remove belly fat, you need to eat right? Of course, it is known to all, only opinions about what is healthy eating, sometimes diverge. For your belly, useless long-term extreme diet. Half-starved existence, not only will not let you get required to cardioactivity energy, but will cause the body to go into "emergency" mode and get fat (mostly around waist and abdomen) at every opportunity with redoubled force. Where your girlfriend flat belly eat a piece of cake, which is generously transferred to energy, you'll lick the plate and the body, confident in the fact that around the horror, darkness and famine, Thrifty will take off calories into fat. So how to eat to "clean the stomach"? For this there is a "clean" diet, diet in which you eat as much as you need to the body, but consume only healthy foods, no "empty" calories. Everything you eat should benefit, food is your friend, not an enemy. There is a list of foods that can make your stomach flat and ridged. Among them, eggs and grapefruit, bitter chocolate and olive oil, apples and spinach and others.

Muscle vs fat

People with excess weight seems surprisingly unfair the fact that muscle burns more fat. Why the already pumped-up athletes such bonus? What is the reward of nature to man, who is not a power exercise to make bones, joints and muscles stronger and more durable. You can pump your chest, and fat will leave your stomach at the same time, though she the breast and will not increase, but the correct posture and strong supporting muscles will make it more optical. Slender waist, flat stomach, high Breasts and elastic ass – it is worth to spend several hours lifting dumbbells and doing squats, right?