The first thing you need to reconsider your diet. To avoid fried foods, high-calorie and fatty foods. We need to abandon confectionery and bakery products. Go to the food steamed, it is very useful for your body. Breakfast will be useful to eat porridge made with water with addition of butter, or scrambled eggs. And the main thing – not to overeat and to move more. Drink at least two liters of fluid.
If you want to quickly get rid of bellyand diet will not be enough. You need to do each day a set of exercises aimed at problem areas of the stomach. The first thing you need to warm up the muscles of the stomach. To do this, roll Hoop for 10 minutes, thereby increasing blood circulation and metabolism in the skin and muscles. Next you need to lie down on the floor, legs bent at the knees, arms bent at the elbows, remove them behind your head and do crunches. In this case you need to climb is not high, only 45 degrees. When lifting the air you need to exhale in the lying position – the air to breathe. Do 2-3 sets of 20-25 times. After each approach the Hoop spin.
With time in the intestine accumulates a large amount of slag, so you need to clean the intestines. For this we need 1.5-2 liters of water in which to mix one dessert spoon of salt. Pour with an enema in the anus. Thus, you will get rid of toxins, and a large belly will gradually disappear before your eyes. A cleansing enema should be done for two weeks.
When you go to shower, you need to ensure good blood flow to the region of the stomach. To do this, moisten coarse massage mitten in hot water and wipe the belly. Do you need cool off for 5-10 minutes.