When a child turns six months or a year, you can start looking for work, because mom appears a few free hours while sleeping toddler to deal with some cases. If you have a great relationship with the grandparents, which may some time to sit with her grandson, especially, begin to actively look for work , or at least part time. Indicate in summary that you have a small child, possible work schedule (e.g., before lunch), who will look after your baby while you are away. There are many organizations that offer part-time employment, especially if it's temporary or seasonal work, and you just may become for them a real boon.
Review the list of vacancies on various Internet sites involving home-based or remote work, send us your resume. However, do not rejoice first response to your letter, be careful, because the Internet is a fertile field for deception. Do not pay anyone any entry fees, do not send the trial papers and even more things created with your own hands is beneficial to sell under its own brand or name and you will be left with nothing. Carefully read the working conditions and do not hesitate to ask questions.
In addition, in the Internet there are many forums for young mothers, where they share with each other opportunities, I invite you to cooperate and publish "black lists" of employers cheating employees. Sign up on a few of them, take part in discussions, ask for help in finding work and employment. There are women who will respond will be in your team and share experiences, which, perhaps, you will come across an opportunity not only earnings, but also create their own small business.
So worldwide popular Handicrafts: jewelry, felted toys and dolls, knitted and sewn to order things, postcards and photo albums created by our own hands. Visit several workshops and create their own product. If you've played sports or worked as a fitness instructor, you can invite other mothers together to get back in shape after childbirth, a former kindergarten teacher can become for some time a nurse for other babies. In addition, the valued knowledge of languages and ability to translate different literature, to knit baby clothes or an interesting model for adults – in other words, to demonstrate their abilities in various fields. And do not be afraid of lack of experience or competition – doing their job efficiently, on time, over time you will find clients that will contact you. You can earn extra money by participating in photo shoots for various children's magazines, writing articles for websites about motherhood and childhood, because freelancing is a great way to occupy yourself and to replenish the Treasury. The main thing – not to lower hands and to use free time with benefit for yourself and for your wallet.