A fever is the immune system's response to some inflammation or malfunction in the body. This may be due to viral or bacterial infection, inflammation in tissues or joints, bleeding.High temperature kills many viruses and bacteria, so it should be down in extreme cases. For example, if a person has a heart problem. The application of antipyretic drugs should start in if not helped by natural methods or the temperature rose above 39,5-40 degrees.To bring the temperature down is possible with traditional methods. The first step is to lower the temperature in the room. If you suffer a fever, it is necessary to dress warmer or go under the blanket. At high temperatures, the body loses large amounts of fluid, which can lead to dehydration. To avoid this, you need to drink a lot. Useful herbal teas with honey and lemon, cranberry juice, juice from citrus. The temperature of the drink should be close to body temperature. Then the liquid will be absorbed faster by the stomach walls. Should drink frequently in small portions. Effectively knocks down the temperature of the enema with water at room temperature. You can add the cooled decoction of chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory action.For adults you can use a sponging with water at room temperature, which added to vodka or vinegar. Children such procedures contraindicated as it can cause poisoning of the body by alcohol.If high temperature is not reduced within a few days, and is not accompanied by such symptoms as cough, runny nose, headaches, you should consult a doctor to identify the diagnosis and treatment. In this case, increased temperature can be a sign of inflammatory processes.