As you begin to feel your temperature rises, call to relatives or close friends. The human condition can deteriorate in a matter of minutes, so it is very important that near you there were people who could take care of you.
If you know that the temperature rose during colds, it is possible to do such drugs, like Coldrex, "Fervex", "Theraflu". These products contain one main ingredient is paracetamol. To drink the medicine in its pure form is not recommended, as it can cause complicated function of the intestine.
If you don't know the exact causes of the temperature, and the heat is getting stronger, you should take drugs such as "Suprastin" and "Analgin". This mix can bring the temperature down from 38 to 36. With this medication also need to be careful. This should be made only in cases of emergency.
If you have at hand is not "Suprastin" and "Analgin", then replace them with a mixture of antipyretic and drugs, "But-shpa". This drug does not just relieve you from the temperature, but will remove the brittleness in the body and joints.
High temperature can also help and folk remedies. Great hot water with lemon, a variety of fresh fruit drinks from wild berries, special purchase teas from herbs. An effective remedy is a decoction of the leaves of currant. It infused for 10 minutes. Further, it should be consumed every half hour.
An important role at high temperature plays food intake. Doctors advise not to abuse at this time, pastry products, hot spices. The best food in this period of chicken broth. It contains many useful elements. To reduce the temperature is also capable of fresh brown bread. The opinion if the patient asks for bread, so he is on the mend.
More need to be careful if the temperature has risen in your child. Here you should not use traditional medicine and a variety of antipyretic drugs. In this situation should immediately call the doctor. Professional doctor, competent in their field, will prescribe for your child all the necessary medicines.