High fever in infectious diseases allows the body to start the process for the synthesis of interferon, antibodies, aktiviziruyutsya leukocytes, in addition, hyperthermia itself is harmful for the organism, but because a high temperature is not necessary, and antipyretics should be administered only in special cases, when deterioration of health and extremely high temperatures.
Healthy children first year of life should give antipyretics only when the temperature was above 38.5 OS or when a significant deterioration. Premature babies, children with other diseases was previously diagnosed seizures, it is shown antipyretics at body temperature of 37.8 OS. Share the two types of fever: white and red. When the white fever, the child is pale, lethargic or the opposite, he is excited, extremities cold, breathing and heartbeat learning. This condition occurs due to spasm of blood vessels, the body is not able to "give" heat to the external environment. You need to RUB the child to normalize blood vessels and only then begin to lower the temperature. Be sure to take off the diaper, as it frequently leads to additional overheating. Next you need to wipe the baby with a damp sponge or cloth. Frequent wiping help keep his fever down without medicines. If the temperature remains above 38оС or higher 38оС in healthy children, it is necessary to give antipyretic and call a doctor.
In children of primary school age and lower temperature if it is above 38.5 OS, however, in immunocompromised children, children with developmental disabilities should be to bring down the temperature above 37.8 per OS. Adult critical mark when you need to give an antipyretic, is the temperature 39оС, over these values the temperature becomes unsafe for the body. It threatens disruption of the heart, and at temperatures above 41os most people begin irreversible changes in the brain. If there is muscle tension, severe headaches, heart pain, hallucinations, an urgent need to reduce the temperature. Thus, the dosage of medicinal substance should be minimal – a dramatic change in body temperature can lead to collapse and is unsafe.
Children first year of life should always call an ambulance immediately after the temperature rise, more older children to an ambulance call at deterioration, in other cases, the cause of pediatrician. Adults should consult a doctor if the temperature is not reduced within 3 days and treatment is ineffective. If you are not sure that the cold was the cause of the high temperature, it is better to call a doctor or ambulance, as the increased body temperature is observed in various diseases.