You will need
  • - warm drinks;
  • - warm clothing;
  • - solution for nasal lavage;
  • - a blanket.
Try to analyze the reasons why you have a fever. An increase of 4-5 tenths of the usual norm - very slightly. Many doctors believe that this fact should not be taken as cause for concern. Increasing the temperature to 37 may occur due to excessive physical exertion, stuffy air, a slight stress. But even if this phenomenon is associated with impending disease, do not hurry to run to the doctor or to the pharmacy. In some cases, low-grade fever (37-37,5) is generally considered a normal variant. To take action is that if you experience other unpleasant symptoms such as a cold or a typical sore throat.
Do not hurry to take any medications. Remember that small temperature increases at the beginning of colds - a sign that the body is fighting the advancing disease. Drinking an antipyretic, of course, you temporarily lighten their condition, but only worsen the overall course of the disease. Symptomatic treatment (vasoconstrictor drops, immunomodulators) are also not yet. Allow the body to cope with the disease: thus, you only will strengthen immune system and protect yourself from the constant relapses.
Ventilate the room in which you are. If you feel a chill, wear warmer clothes or lie down under the blanket, but the air in the room try to make cool. It is best to sleep at least for a few hours: so the body more aktiviziruyutsya and will be able to recover much faster.
Drink plenty of fluids, since the temperature of 37 may provoke dehydration. This can be as simple or mineral water, compote without sugar, herbal tea, cranberry juice. cranberries, broth hips. Big mistake to drink a cold hot drinks: so you only aggravate the situation and irritate the already sensitive mucosa. Liquid should be warm or even a little cool. No less harmful when the temperature rises and hot milk (with honey butter), which is traditionally suggest the older generation. This drink will not only have absolutely no effect on low-grade temperature, but also provoke the formation of additional mucus in the body, which in the cold will only increase the disease.