Effective means of reducing high temperature

To bring down the temperature of 39 adult in the home is necessary, otherwise there may be dangerous for the body condition from fever until he lost consciousness and cardiac arrest. The heat will help antipyretic drugs, which are practically in every home first-aid kit: paracetamol, cold remedy, aspirin, analgin, Nurofen, ibuprofen.

In a situation when the drugs under hand was not to bring down the temperature of 39 adult in the home will help of time-tested recommendations of folk medicine. The easiest way is sponging with cold water, vinegar or alcohol. You can soak in cold water towel and apply to body as soon as the towel becomes warm, the procedure should be repeated.

At high temperatures, the body is suffering, the organs work harder than normal in this situation is mandatory bed rest. In addition, a dehydration so the patient should drink as much fluid as possible. It can be plain or mineral water, not too sour berry fruit drinks (copes with high temperature cranberry), fruit drinks, from decoctions of herbs, such as mint.

Painful condition is often accompanied by lack of appetite and weakness, at this point it is necessary not only to think about how to bring down the temperature of 39 adult at home, but also how to help the body recover and gain strength. Even in the absence of appetite is not to eat. The best tool is a light chicken broth, drink it in small portions, but as often as possible.

To enhance the heat transfer reducing the temperature in the room where the patient is located. In winter you can open Windows in the summer to install air conditioning on the mark of +18-20C. Just keep in mind that the room should be free of draughts, as they can aggravate the situation (up to pneumonia!).

It is important to remember that it is strictly forbidden to self-medicate and uncontrolled take drugs (even the most innocuous at first glance), if a high temperature (38C or above) lasts more than a day. In such a situation it is better to seek professional medical help to avoid negative health consequences. Perhaps the increased temperature is not hiding the common cold, easily treatable, but serious disease, is a threat to health and life!